University of Washington
Computer Science | Human-Centered Design & Engineering


As a Student

My experience studying computer science and HCDE has provided unique opportunities to apply my diverse interests in science, engineering, and the arts towards solving contemporary problems. My acdemic interests are fairly interdisciplinary, but I am particularly interested in programming languages, computational biology, and complexity theory.

As a Employee

I thrive on applying my passion for learning, problem-solving, and teaching to the various roles I've held in the field of engineering, from internships at local start-ups and a multi-national company (Expedia) to developing and teaching in the CSE department at the University of Washington. I have found my jack-of-all-trades nature to be especially useful in being able to approach problems in different applications, integrating different experiences and interests with one another. My future career goals involve teaching at a research-based university and/or pursing a full-time industry role in software engineering.

As a Human Being

I seek opportunities that present challenge and intellectual reward, welcome curiosity and ultimately make a difference in society. In my free time, I’m either studying a new programming language, solving logic puzzles, or finding new things to learn, all with fresh coffee in hand and my four-legged friend at my side.



Bob Bandes Teaching Award for Computer Science - 2016

Grace Hopper Scholarship Recipient - 2016

Denice Dee Denton Endowment Recipient - 2016-17

Washington Research Fellowship Awardee - 2016-17

Husky 100 Awardee - 2017-18

Battle Stats

Technical Skills

Object-oriented programming:

  • 2500+ lines written in Java (including Spring MVC)
  • 250-500 lines written in Ruby

Front-End Web Development:

  • 3000+ lines written each in:
    • HTML/CSS
    • JS with various libraries and REST API's

Back-End Web Development:

  • 1000+ lines written in PHP (including API implementation)
  • 250-500 lines written in Python (with REST API's) and JSP

Functional Programming:

  • 250-500 lines written each in:
    • SML
    • Racket/Scheme

Other techinal skills:

  • Efficient with Bash/Vim
  • Git Version Control with industry-scale codebases
  • Basic scripting knowledge (sed, Perl)

Technical copywriting

E-commerce inventory management (Magento platform)


Avid problem solver


Strong work ethic

Takes directions well

Values constructive feedback and continual improvement

Diverse, but strong skillset to help solve a variety of problems in both conventional and non-conventional ways

Thinks both inside and outside the box


CS Education and Mentorship

Educational Technology

Programming Language Design and Implementation

Complexity and Computational Theory

History of Computing/Innovation

Search Engine Optimization

Computational Biology

Exploring the World of Unix

Customizing .vimrc and .bashrc

Solving Logic Puzzles/Crosswords

Getting 100% on Puzzle, Adventure, and Time Management Video Games