An animated montage of images. There is no sound. Short clip of an olive-skinned, dark-haired, smiling male talking into a microphone against a red background at a comedy club. Zooms in on him pointing to someone in the crowd. Freeze frame. Text appears line by line: I'm. Jon. Mannella. A grad student. Studying. Montage cuts to short clip of mid-90s animation of people using desktop computers, swirling around a purple abstract background while being connected by a green network of light. Cuts to white text against a black background: 'The Internet.' Cuts to short clip of early-20s white woman talking and smiling against a background of an enlarged image of the 'Send Now' button from America online. Cut to a young blonde white boy smiling and talking against an enlarged video of AOL instant messanger chat boxes. Cut to white text against black background. Social Media. Cut to short clip of the meme with the blonde 90s kid sitting in front of what might be an Apple II computer. He nods, looks towards the camera, and gives the thumbs up. The text in the corner is his name: Brent Rambo. Cut to white text against a black background. Digital Culture. Cut to short clip from the movie 'They Live.' Rowdy Roddy Piper is outside on a city street. He looks into the distance and then puts sunglasses to look at whatever he was looking at through the sunglasses. Cut to a shot in black and white of a billboard on the side of a building. The billboard is black text against a white background, all-caps, one word: OBEY. Cut to white text against a black background. Influence. Then the animated gif loops back to the beginning and plays again.

Jon Mannella's Temporary Splash Page

Please enjoy the temporary animation while I finish up the rest of the site!

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