I designed the "hello" module to say hello in a variety of languages. I am interested in languages and I try to find ways to pair my love for coding and language!

About Me

I am a third year student studying Informatics at the University of Washington Seattle! What is Informatics exactly? Well, Informatics designs technology for the good of people. Follow this link to learn more.

I am primarily a front-end web developer with experience using JavaScript frameworks like React, Express, Node, etc. I have a background in Java and Python and would like to learn more and hopefully create my own software.

Linguistics is my minor and I enjoy talking about language and how it relates to coding.

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React Firebase Node Python R

My Projects

My Interests

  • Beautiful Soup
    Web Scraping
    I have a passion for using technologies to scrape (or data mine) various websites! I have used based Python packages like requests and Beautiful Soup to retrieve and process webpages. For more complicated pages (with dynamic JavaScript), I use Selenium. This can simulate a user logging into a page and loading it normally. Scraping can also be done in PHP, and more importantly JavaScript on the server side using Cheerio and Express.
  • API
    Personal APIs
    When unable to find an API to do the job, I create my own! This is in the form of pulling local content on a server using PHP, or invoking other requests using Express. For various projects, I have developed simple REST APIs that assist for my front-end, either as a content generator or for authorization. Simple Express servers can be deployed to hosting services, like Heroku, and used as a public REST API!
  • React
    React Development - My Future!
    React is one of my new-found passions! I recently learned the basics in my courses and now I'm able to make powerful single page applications that can have user authentication and a real-time database (using Firebase!). I hope to develop a useful React app in the future that is scalable and dynamic, I just need an idea! My goal is to combine my other passions to create an app that uses React for the front-end, a Python scraping back-end, and then Firebase for user storage.


If you would like to reach out to me, email works well!