UW Student Film Festival

We’re extremely excited to announce the 2018 UW Student Film Festival and 36 Hour Film Competition!

Our favorite event of the year! The UW Student Film Festival 2018 will take place on Thursday, May 24th. There we will showcase the best of UW’s student film creations. To learn more about the submission process please see the FB event page. We encourage all student filmmakers to submit any and all work and to invite their friends! You can submit here.

The UW Film Club’s 36 Hour Film Competition will take place on Friday, May 11th! Create a team of up to 6 and create a short film in 36 hours. We’ll even give you a prop and a line of dialogue to get you on your way! Entries from the 36 Hour Film Competition will play at the UW Student Film Festival. Read more on the event page, and email us at uwfilmfriends@gmail.com to enter.

Submission Process & Rules

UW Student Film Festival

  1. All submitted films must be made by a current student at the University of Washington (graduate or undergraduate). Film must be under 20 minutes in length, MP4 format, and 1080p resolution or lower, and submitted before Monday, May 21st at 11:59pm.
  2. Please submit your film via our Film Freeway link. It is an easy way to submit your work and be notified about the status of your film. Please include the director of the film in the by line of submission. You may submit as many films as you would like for the festival, but only one film per director will be selected. Between May 22nd and May 23rd you will be notified about the status of your submission.
  3. Attend the Festival on May 24th in Smith 120 at 7:30pm!

36 Hour Film Competition

  1. Prior to the event on May 11th, please email uwfilmfriends@gmail.com expressing your interest in competing. Please include a team name. This is done so we know how many props we need to bring the day of.
  2. The 36 Hour Film Competition will begin on May 11th in Red Square at 7:00pm. Groups will randomly select one prop and one line of dialog, and have 36 hours to make a film.
  3. The line of dialog we give you must be spoken in the film. The prop we give you must be featured in the film. Film length should be between  3-5 minutes in length. The tighter the better. Preferred file format is MP4 at 1080p or lower. Suggested teams of 6 people (actors not included – this rule is lenient in order to accommodate teams that want to work together).
  4. All submissions must be turned in digitally via our Film Freeway link between 7am and 8am on May 13th.
  5. All 36 Hour submissions will be shown at the UW Student Film Festival on May 24th in Smith 120 at 7:30pm.


There will be three awards given out this year. There will be a trophy for Best Overall Film that will be based on scores from our panel of judges; this film will also earn a spot on our newly minted Annual Plaque where we will keep track of annual winners and pass it down year to year. Additionally, there will be an award for the Best 36 Hour Film. This award will also be judged by our panel of judges and we only be competing against films within the 36 Hour Film Competition (though 36 Hour Films do have eligibility for Best Overall Film as well). Lastly, there will be an Audience Award that will be given out based on what film the audience votes as their favorite.


This year, we’re bringing back a guest panel of judges to award Best Film and Best 36 Hour Film. On our panel, we have Jennifer Bean, Eric Ames, and Kevin Conner. Jennifer is Associate Chair of Comparative Literature, Cinema and Media and Director of the Cinema and Media Studies programs at the University of Washington. She is  an expert in silent era cinema and has been published widely for edited collections on the subject. She currently teaches courses in film theory, genre, historiography, documentary, and analysis at the UW. Eric is the a department  chair of the Cinema and Media Studies and Director of Undergraduate Studies for the Comparative Literature Department at the University of Washington. He has published papers on nineteenth-century display culture and interrelationship of science, technology, and popular culture. Most recently, he published a book on Aguirre, the Wrath of God in the BFI Film Classics series, and he is currently teaching senior capstone on intersections of documentary and avant-garde cinema at UW. Kevin is the former president of UW Film Club and has a great appreciation for the medium of film. He is currently a programmer for the National Film Festival for Talented Youth and regularly watches films made by college students on a weekly basis.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please email uwfilmfriends@gmail.com and we will get back to you ASAP!

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Winners of the 2018 Festival

Overall Winner: Hard Rock Hero by John C Campos

Best 36 Hour Film: Priceless by Team Lux

Audience Award: Date Night by Transformers 6

Photos from the Event