• What does ‘Sayaw’ mean?
      Sayaw in Tagalog means dance. In the United States, Sayaw has become a term referenced to Traditional Filipino Dancing.
    • Who can join Sayaw?
      University of Washington students can join Sayaw.
    • How can I get involved?
      To get involved with Sayaw come to our practices. We hold practices every Friday in Condon Hall 711E from 5pm-7pm.
    • Do I need dance experience?
      No dance experience is required to join. Just have the passion to learn!
    • Is Sayaw different from FASA?
      Sayaw is the dance troupe of FASA. It provides an opportunity for students to learn about the Filipino Culture through the stories of folk dances. Students can learn these dances and choose to perform them at events throughout the community.
    • Where does Sayaw learn its dances from?
      Sayaw learns their dances from Alumni Sayaw members.
    • Is Sayaw available for private events?
      Sayaw is available for private events. E-mail the Sayaw Coordinator(Sherilyn Eng) at sayaw.fasa.uw@gmail.com for questions on booking Sayaw or refer to the Contact page for more information.
    • Where, when, and how often does Sayaw practice/rehearse?
      We practice every Friday for 2 hours. Additional practices vary upon upcoming performances.