Tianna Andresen

Political Chair




Major American Ethinic Studies and Education, Communities and Organizing

Minor(s) in Diversity

Why I ran

For my barkada! I ran for Political Chair because I wanted to strengthen the political pillar of the club. Raising political consciousness, emphasizing the importance of our history, informing people of issues here and in the Philippines, and providing opportunities in our general community to make real changes are all key to the empowerment of our Filipinx people at UW. We all experience struggles based on our identities and its up to us to get through them, together :). For more information, to see how we are trying to achieve that, or to get involved, follow @fasasauwpolitics on Instagram!!!!.

How FASA has impacted my college experience

FASA has given me a space where I feel less lonely in this HUGE PWI. To have people who you don’t have to explain your existence and its context to makes this whole experience easier. I am forever grateful for my FASA fam <3

Social Media

Venmo/IG @tiannama3