FilNight 2022

Filipino Night 2022

Saturday, May 28th

5-8 PM Pacific Time

Architecture Hall 147 & via Livestream

What is Filipino Night?

Filipino Night is FASA sa UW’s annual flagship event and cultural show. It is a show directed and produced by students for the greater Seattle and UW community. Bringing in an audience of over 600 people each year, Filipino Night showcases Filipinx/Filipinx American narratives and culture through artistic expression.

The Story

Maria Tala is an Indigenous Filipina pushed out from their ancestral lands due to governmental and economic pressures. As a result, she came to Metro Manila to find a means of sustaining themselves and their family, but is faced with the harsh realities of living amidst the Philippine Drug War. Alex Liwanag is a Filipinx American exchange student from Seattle, WA who is connected to the lineage and aims to reconnect with culture. When these two new kids at UP Diliman get randomly partnered on a project, they are confronted with the differences in their stories and the shared reality that they both have come to live in. Through the exploration of their relationships to their cultures, struggles, and society, they also develop a relationship with each other. 

This mini movie aims to showcase a seemingly innocent love story between two queer students implicated in a time period where Filipino people have redefined and revolutionized what love for their country means.


YouTube Live-Stream

Announcement Trailer

Official Trailer #1

Official Trailer #2

Meet the Team

Carl Danian Sapalo Capili (he/him)

Director and Artist Lead

Carl is a third year in Public Health and from Bellingham, WA. He is FASA sa UW’s Cultural Chair and this year’s Director and Artist Lead for Filipino Night 2022. As Director, he oversees the entire Leads team and has been a part of writing and producing “The Effects of Forever” for the past year. In Carl’s words, he hopes that this year’s show can “portray the revolutionary history of the Filipino to our members and how this continues with us to the current day.” 

Lauren Tan Vital (he/him)

Video Editing Lead

Lauren is a third year student double majoring in Real Estate and Cinema Media Studies with a Minor in Business. With a passion for videography, this is Lauren’s second year on the Video Editing team for Filipino Night, in which he also took part in FilNight 2021’s “Be The Light.” This year, Lauren hopes to continue having fun with his video editing skills, while also “passing on the knowledge” he has learned.

Angeluis Balboa Saya (he/him)

Video Editing Lead

Angeluis, or Luis for short, is a first year student studying Filmmaking and Video Production. After watching FilNight 2021 last year, Luis was inspired to join this year’s production. Luis hopes to learn more about the theme, current elections in the Philippines, and other historical events through being a part of the Leads Team. But overall, he joined FilNight because he wants to help out the video editing team and get to know more folks in the FASA community.

Ryan Bautista

Marketing Lead

Ryan is a 3rd year studying Comparative History of Ideas and Human Centered Design & Engineering. Ryan currently serves as FASA’s Public Relations Chair and is a lover of art and design. This year’s Ryan hopes to contribute his creative skills to help bring FilNight to life!

Mark Joven (he/him)

Cast Lead

Mark is a second year studying Biochemistry. After playing the main role for FilNight 2021, “Be The Light,” Mark wanted to challenge himself to take on further lead roles and join other committers to take a deeper dive into his Filipino culture. This year, Mark hopes to present a meaningful project to the community to enjoy and explore.

Krista Orejudos (she/her)

Cast Lead

Krista is a first year studying English: Creative Writing. She joined Filipino Night as both a Cast Lead and was one of the writers for the 1896 revolution. She is happy to support this year’s vision for FilNight, especially in witnessing the Philippines undergoing a lot of historical problems, such as the recent presidential election. Through the animated story this year, Krista hopes that the audience can take away a meaningful lesson about their Filipino identity as well as enjoy the love story between the two main characters, Alex and Tala.

Angelica Lucero (she/her)

Sayaw Coordinator

Angelica is a fourth year studying Medical Anthropology and Global Health and is this year’s Sayaw Coordinator for FASA sa UW. Being a part of Sayaw since her freshman year, Angelica loves being able to perform and celebrate Filipino folk dances, and in her words, “FilNight provides the opportunity for me to do that!”

Gabby Garcia (she/her)

Legacy Coordinator

Gabby is a third year studying American Ethnic Studies and Communications with a minor in Education, Learning, and Society. She loves all things dance, being a part of UW HHSA’s Undivided Dance Team and has been a part of Legacy since her freshman year. Gabby is excited to see FilNight being back in person this year and having the opportunity to perform alongside her besties in Legacy!

Maya Tizon (she/her)

Legacy Coordinator

Maya is a third year studying Political Science with a minor in Diversity. She is a part of UW HHSA’s Undivided Dance Team and loves to perform. In her words, “FASA has taught me so much about community since I came to UW.” For her last year, Maya hopes to get involved with FilNight to give back and create alongside the community members who have worked so hard on this production. She’s looking forward to showing everyone what Legacy has in store this year!