Community Service

Rhandell Saya

Community Service Chair




Major in Education, Communities, and Organizations Minor in Diversity

Why I ran

I ran for Community Service Chair because I experienced firsthand during my freshman year the love and passion that thrives in our FASA community. I honestly grew jittery with excitement when I thought about the potential that our kapamilya holds in spreading messages of empowerment throughout our community. I hold the steadfast belief that community service is a transformative experience that allows people, on both giving and receiving ends, to believe that they have immeasurable value in their community. This being said, it was only natural that I wanted to work to provide this opportunity for invaluable knowledge to a community which had already helped me to grow.

How FASA has impacted my college experience

FASA has impacted my college experience by providing me with a space in which I never feel pressured to be something that I am not. At a university where so many students pride themselves on their “superior” intellect, I knew I was bound to experience imposter syndrome. FASA taught me that it is totally acceptable to say “I don’t know.” With FASA, I learned that it is only when we can fully be honest with ourselves, whether it be in navigating our identities or feelings, and admit that “we don’t know” can we reflect meaningfully and experience learning and growth. Overall, FASA has impacted my college experience by helping me to learn and grow in experiences and knowledge that are helping shape me into a person that I can be proud of. I am excited to see how FASA will do the same for others.

Social Media

Instagram: @rhundull_bundul