Dat Banh

This is an under construction page for my future personal page

After finishing CSE331, I had my own designed Campus map that can find a shortest in distance way between any two buildings and display the correct path on the web. However, I don't know how to put my project on my personal website. That's why, I decide to learn from the content in the Web development course personally, and hope that I can do so in few weeks.

Sadly, I learned PHP after many work has put together, if I have extra time to rebuild this website, I will do it in a better format.

A brief description about my Campus Map project

  1. It uses a personal-designed data structure to store the nodes and edges for the map (the performance is very fast)
  2. It uses builder pattern to parse the nodes and edges from a formated data set
  3. It uses Dijkstra Algorithm to find the shortest path

Things I've learned

Things I'm learning

Things I'm considering

One of my favorite quotes

We're running out of time... While we're still young and energetic