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Credit: wokandapix

Milestone 5: Proposal Revision

Benjamin Xie & Gregory L. Nelson

Now that you have gotten feedback from your peers and instructors, it's time to revise your proposal! The goal of this milestone is for you to practice incorporating feedback as you think more clearly about your project. This iteration on your proposal will help ensure you will execute your project effectively.

For this assignment, you will review feedback, decide what feedback is useful to you, and then do two things:

Step 1: Review and evaluate feedback

Review the feedback that you have received from peers and instructors as GitHub issues. Ensure you understand what each piece of feedback is saying.

TODO: Create a new page in your wiki titled "Proposal Revision Process" and synthesize all the feedback you received. Try to capture and draw connections across all of the feedback you received, even if you don't initially believe that you will find the feedback useful.

Step 2: Decide how to intergrate feedback

Now that you understand your feedback, you must now understand what to do with it. Although your peers and instructors provided feedback with your best intentions in mind, the feedback may not be useful to you. Discuss and justify what feedback you will incorporate and what feedback you will ignore.

TODO: In your "Proposal Revision Process" wiki page, explain your justification for including or excluding the feedback you have received.

Step 3: Update your proposal

Now that you know what feedback to include, it's time to make the changes! When revising your proposal, think about how to better communicate that your project is feasible given the time frame, has the rigor to reflect concepts learned in class, and has the novelty to contribute new information to inform a decision.

Note that revisions to your project proposal do not necessarily need to come from the feedback your peers and instructors gave you. You may have gotten new ideas from reading others' proposals or from thinking about the project for longer. That's ok! We want to end with a project proposal that guide your group through the project.

TODO: Create a new page in your wiki titled "Revised Project Proposal" (or something equivalent) and write your revised proposal on that wiki page. It's ok if your copy directly from your original proposal (but not others'). Do NOT make edits directly onto your previous proposal. We want to see the change!

Grading Criteria

This assignment is out of 3 points (with an option of 1 extra credit point) and you will submit it by making changes to you team GitHub repository's wiki:

Your shared GitHub space will be graded on the following scale: