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Milestone 4: Proposal Review

Benjamin Xie & Gregory L. Nelson

Now that every team has submitted a proposal, it's time to help each other get better by providing peer feedback. Peer review is a critical part to improving writing in both academic and industry settings. The objective of this assignment is to give you an opportunity to practice providing and receive constructive feedback from your peers. This feedback should help you and others think more thoroughly on the project proposals.

Step 1: Understand how to provide quality feedback

The objective of feedback in peer review is to improve the quality of the writing. In this way, you are very much "on the same team" as the authors of the writing you are reviewing. The feedback you provide should help other teams further develop their project proposal. Common ways to provide helpful feedback:

Your guiding principle as you provide peer-feedback is this: How can the authors use this feedback to improve their writing?

Step 2: Provide feedback to your peers' project proposals

For each of your peers' projects, your team must provide quality feedback (as defined in Step 1) in the form of an issue on their GitHub. The issue must have the following properties:

You do not need to provide feedback on your own project. Your team may provide feedback in the form of multiple issues if you want.

The proposals can be found in the wikis of each project team's GitHub repository.

Grading Criteria

You will submit this assignment by writing issues on other teams' GitHub repositories. This assignment is worth 2 points, distributed evenly across the number of project teams there are minus 1 (because you don't have to give yourself feedback). So that's 2/(N-1) points for each project team you provide feedback to (where N = number of project teams).

Your feedback will be graded according to the following criteria::

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