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Milestone 7: Presentation

Benjamin Xie & Gregory L. Nelson

An important part of any data scientist's job is to share your process and results with your peers and receive feedback. This presentation will give you an opportunity to practice that skill.

For this assignment, you will prepare a presentation to communicate your work with other data scientists. You will want to communicate the decision context to situate your analysis and then explain how your analysis helps inform a decision. You will also want to provide enough technical detail to convince your audience that your analysis is robust and appropriate.

Following your presentation, your audience should know enough and be engaged enough to ask questions to help stimulate new ideas. This Q&A period will give you some practice at thinking and communicating effective answers with minimal preparation time.


You will give a presentation with an option to use a projector, whiteboard, and/or handouts. You will present for 10-12 minutes. Groups of audience members will then discuss the presentation amongst themselves and formulate questions for 1-2 minutes. Finally, there will be ~5 minutes for your audience to ask you questions. During your presentation you will want to convey the following things (in any order that makes sense):

See the Grading Criteria to see a more detailed breakdown of how we will assess you.

Common Missteps

Often times, great people struggle to deliver great presentations. Below are a few common mistakes to presenting data science. We hope we don't see them in your presentation!

The best way to avoid these mistakes is to 1) focus on the big picture objective of what you want to convey, 2) practice delivering your talk, 3) cut out everything that isn't required in conveying the big picture. See Further reading for resources to help you give a presentation.

Grading Criteria

This assignment is out of 8 points (with an opportunity for extra credit) and you will be graded on your presentation you give in class. If you create any slides or visuals to display, include them (or a link to them) in your project GitHub or project wiki.

Further reading

Risdal, M. (2016). Communicating data science: A guide to presenting your work.

Guo, P. J. (2011). Oral Presentation Tips.

Winston, P. How to Speak: Lecture Tips from Patrick Winston.
While an old video (pre-dates laser pointers!), this is Benji's favorite resource on how to speak. This is an investment in your future.