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Credit: Public Domain

Milestone 6: Archive

Benjamin Xie & Gregory L. Nelson

For your final project, you will create 2 things:

  1. an artifact that decision-makers (your intended audience) could use to inform a decision you define.
  2. a technical description which other data scientists could use to understand and build off of your analysis

Deliverable 1: Artifact

The target audience for the artifact will be the decision makers in your decision context. They should be able to interpret and engage with your artifact to help them make more informed decisions. The challenge to making an effective artifact, much like making an effective visual, is about ensuring expressiveness and effectiveness by balancing what detail to show. Your target audience should know just enough to be more confident they are making a decision that better optimizes what they want. They may be confused or misled by excessive detail or make incorrect conclusions with insufficient detail. Finding the appropriate balance is dependent on your decision context and target audience.

Deliverable 2: Technical Description

The target audience for the technical description is other data scientists who wish to interpret, critique, and build off of your work. It will be a written report in the form of a page on your GitHub wiki and should provide sufficient detail so somebody can understand your analysis and interpret it.

Grading Criteria

This assignment is out of 16 points with options for extra credit. You should be able to access it from your team's GitHub wiki:

From the perspective of a decision-maker (your intended audience), we will your artifact as follows:

From the perspective of another data scientist, we will grade your technical description as follows: