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Credit: Maike and Bjorn Broskamp

Guest Speaker: Dr. Winson Taam

Senior Principal Data Scientist, Microsoft Data & Decision Sciences Group

A learning objective of this course is to understand what data scientists do in various organizational and social contexts. Towards this objective, we will ocassionally invite guest speakers from various data science organizaitons.

For this class, we will be joined by Dr. Winson Taam, from Microsoft's Data & Decision Sciences Group.

Preparing for the guest lecture

A well-enformed and engaged audience makes any presentation better. As such, we want you to do a bit of preparation for this guest speaker. Prior to class, do the following things:

  1. Learn more about our speaker by reading their bio (included below). Search the internet for any terms you may not be familiar with.
  2. Learn more about the speaker's organization by searching the internet and reading interesting articles.
  3. Think of 1-3 interesting questions to ask the speaker and submit them (link below).

Speaker Bio

Dr. Winson Taam has many years of experience in practicing data sciences to provide solutions for business and engineering challenges. He leads a team of data scientist in MSIT delivering algorithms to counter illegal use of Microsoft products, to estimate space utilization for RE&F global portfolio, and for Energy Smart Building initiative, to name a few. Prior to joining Microsoft, he was an Associate Technical Fellow of Boeing, where he led numerous projects involving new product and process development in composites, modeling air traffic, assessing traveler's perception on interior designs, testing military jets, and developing methods to handle sources of variation in structural materials. His expertise in design of experiments, quality control, discrete choice models, and predictive modeling were sought after enterprise wide. During his tenure at Oakland University, he developed and taught a wide range of courses from introductory to theoretical level in both academic and industrial settings, and in international workshops. During this time, he worked extensively as a consultant for the automobile manufacturers and suppliers. Winson holds a Ph.D. degree in Statistics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Submitting your questions

Seeing a few questions beforehand helps speakers prepare for their audience. So after you have read about our guest speaker and data science at their organization, think of a few questions that you like to have the speaker answer.

Submit your questions here: Google form: Questions to ask Dr. Winson Taam.
Submitting this question will count as your reading points for the class.