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Credit: public domain

Homework 1: Review of Prerequisite Knowledge

Benji Xie & Greg Nelson

This homework will help you get you download R and give you practice with GitHub and R. For this assignment, you will clone a repository, fill out a R markdown file, and push the changes.

1. Clone the starter repository from GitHub classroom

  1. Sign up or sign into your personal GitHub account. You will use this account throughout the course.
  2. Access the starter code via GitHub classroom: Link to HW1 on GitHub Classroom.
For this assignment, you will be filling out homework/hw1.Rmd and filling in each "TODO" in the R markdown file.

2. Review INFO 201 textbook

Your primary resource for this homework will be the online INFO 201 textbook. As stated in the syllabus, you should be familiar with the concepts presented in the book for this class. Take some time to skim through each chapter and familiarize yourself with the content.

TODO: In the markdown file, write 3 things from the INFO 201 textbook that were confusing.

3. Basic data manipulation in R

You will now do some basic coding in R. Everything you need to know should be covered in the INFO 201 textbook (Ch 7-13). Complete the remaining "TODO" tasks in the R markdown file. Be sure to provide the code you wrote to get your solutions!

When you have completed this assignment, don't forget to push the changes to get credit!