Join us on Facebook and/or Discord to keep up to date with all current club events, updates, and announcements! Our Linktree contains all of our media channels, as well as other important information on how to play with our club.

Despite the challenges of COVID-19, we are still hoping to continue building a strong community of people who love badminton! We are planning ways to to stay connected and meet new badminton friends in a safe manner, and hope to see you join us along for the ride!



We are a group of University of Washington students devoted to the sport of badminton. This club is an effort to support and encourage the large community of badminton players at the university. We have undergraduate and graduate students from various majors, as well as some active alumni. We welcome players of all skill levels seeking to either improve their game, play competitive matches, or to just have FUN! We are also committed to create strong, lasting relations with other badminton clubs and schools in the country.


We currently have club practices at the IMA on Tuesdays, 5:30 - 7:15pm under modified COVID-19 regulations. These are only available for UW Seattle students at this time. To attend a practice, you must (1) complete the Badminton Rec Club Waiver and (2) complete the Club Attendance Form. Please fully read through these documents to ensure you will be able to properly attend our practices.

If you are a UW Seattle student, you can also make an individual reservation to enter the IMA and play badminton anytime during their opening hours. For instructions and info on how to make a reservation, you can visit this Google Document. Our Discord is a great way to find other people to play with!

See the UW IMA on Google Maps




  • Become a part of a welcoming community of badminton players and make new friends
  • Great opportunity to improve your skills or just have fun, no matter your skill level
  • Courts are reserved exclusively for club members during club hours
  • Tournament-grade birds are provided for club members for all games
  • Participate in fun social events and club competitions


This year, membership is easy! As of right now, we are not implementing our normal membership system because of the modified COVID-19 operations. To join our badminton community, all you need to do is join our 2020-2021 Facebook Group! This is an internal group where we will post all club events, updates, and announcements. It's a great place to connect with other badminton lovers!


Got a question? Shoot us an email or message!