Lunch with Betsy was a success!

In case you missed having lunch with Betsy Wilson, here is the recap of some great advice that she had for MLIS students:

  • [On getting involved with professional organizations] Find something you’re interested in and volunteer, volunteer, and volunteer! Attend committee meetings, be persistent, and reach out to people — this helps build skills and professional connections.
  • Important skills/knowledge to develop…..
    • the ability to assess user needs
    • an understanding of “anything digital” — including digital publications, data life-cycles, how to bring technology to users, information policy, and open access
    • professional and personal values and principles — these will help drive how you thrive (or not thrive) once you’re in a position
  • Get out and talk to people; the library community is a small world.
  • Be ready and able to articulate what you do and what value you bring to society.
  • Know your story and how to share it.
  • Stay open to all opportunities; you can’t predict what might come your way!

Thanks for participating and for those that missed it this time, there’s always next year!! 🙂

A photo of Betsy Wilson and all attendees to the lunch! (Minus the co-president  who kindly took this photo!)
A photo of Betsy Wilson and all attendees to the lunch! (Minus the co-president who kindly took this photo!)

Student Feedback Session — Online!


On Thursday, May 12 from 3-4 pm, join us online for the first ALISS Student Feedback Session! This is an opportunity for Online & Residential MLIS students to meet the new ALISS Officers, share concerns about the curriculum and professors, offer suggestions and pose questions to later be answered by Marie Potter, Jin Ha Lee and Matt Saxton during the Open Meeting on May 16th (more info about that coming soon).

This Student Feedback Session is for students only, so we hope that you will feel comfortable to share your concerns with us. If you are unable to attend but would like to us share your questions/concerns/suggestions/feedback in the Open Meeting on May 16th, feel free to e-mail us at Your comments will be presented anonymously!
Check your UW e-mail or our Facebook Event page for the link to the Adobe Connect room!
We hope to see you there! And keep a look out for more information coming about the Open Meeting on May 16th (which will also be held online)!