AMATH 383: Continuous Mathematical Modeling

SLN 10205, TTh 1:00-2:20, SAV 264

Instructor: Yuan Gao (

Office Hour: Mon. Wed. 10-11am, Lewis Hall 115

TA: Saumya Sinha (

Office Hour: Wed. 1:30-3:20pm, Lewis Hall 128

Course Description

The course is an introduction to mathematical modeling, with a focus on modeling using differential equations. We will mostly explore continuous problem formulations in natural sciences, yet some social science models will be covered as well.


Topics in Mathematical Modeling, by K.K. Tung. Princeton University Press.


Students are required to have successfully completed AMATH351 or AMATH307, or an equivalent class, and are expected to have knowledge of differential equations. Matlab programming is required for homework assignments.


Final Project Guidelines

Project Paper Sample

The Mathematical Contest in Modeling

Matlab and computing resources in Instructional Computing Lab, B022 Communications

Matlab tutorials at tutorialspoint.

Discussion Board



HomeworkDue DateSolutionSample Program
Homework1Janurary 15th, 1:00pm SolutionSample Code
Homework2Janurary 29th, 1:00pm SolutionSample Code
Homework3February 5th, 1:00pm Solutionspiral_plot.m
Homework4 Starter Code Registration LinkFebruary 12th, 1:00pm Leaderboard
Homework5February 26th, 1:00pm Solution
Homework6March 5th, 1:00pm


There is no exam. Homework assignments count for 60% of the grade. Final group project counts for 40% of the grade.

Homework Policy

Collaboration is encouraged, but students are expected to write their own solutions. No late homework is accepted. Homework will be due before class on Thursday unless otherwise specified.

Project Policy

Final group project can be done individually or in groups of at most five. Each group should submit a project proposal before Feb. 17th. The final report should be a well-typed paper summerizing the work you have done, and will be due on March 13th.