About me

My name is Yim Lucky Register. I'm a PhD student at the University of Washington iSchool working with Emma Spiro in the Data Lab. I am an NSF GRFP Fellow (which is pretty dope!). I am also a member of the MD4SG Data Economies Working Group.

I use they/them pronouns because I'm a nonbinary person, which might be new to you and that's okay. We are all learning together. I study the intersection of self-advocacy and machine learning literacy. I use co-liberation and implement interventions for marginalized communities to advocate for their needs in an ML-driven world; from resisting diet culture in the newsfeed to helping students understand admissions metrics.

I love to infuse joy and play into all things that I do, including a series of lessons for RStudio called Data Science for Software Engineering. Here is a fun tutorial I built for teaching Linear Regression on your own data, called LearnMyData. Or an introduction to the Fragile Families Project for new Data Science students. I write about machine learning, autism, therapy, computing, teaching, and more on my Medium profile. May we all believe in a better world, and spark joy in each other to make that possible.

Places you can find my digital presence