Hello, world!

My name is Yim. I'm a PhD student at the University of Washington iSchool and an NSF GRFP Fellow (which is pretty dope!). I use they/them pronouns because I'm a nonbinary person, which might be new to you and that's okay. I'm interested in creative ways to develop Machine Learning literacy. I dream of a world where we can all advocate for ourselves and others in an AI-driven world by understanding how algorithms do what they do and where they might fail. I love to infuse joy and play into all things that I do, including a series of lessons for RStudio called Data Science for Software Engineering. Here is a fun tutorial I built for teaching Linear Regression on your own data, called LearnMyData. I write about machine learning, autism, therapy, computing, teaching, and more on my Medium profile. May we all believe in a better world, and spark joy in each other to make that possible.

Places you can find my digital presence


in progress

Learn collaborative filtering on your own Facebook Data

teaching people about recommender systems on their own Facebook ad data

in progress

Machine Learning Therapy

my book that teaches common machine learning algorithms by relating them to various lessons I've learned from trauma recovery therapy

in progress

Stress level by number of pimples: users ideate what machine learning could be used for

from predicting relationship success to the price of a Big Mac, what do users think ML could be used for? And how can we take advantage of that to teach better?


I like to doodle, create, and express myself. Are you a radical developer too? Hit me up if you want a sticker drawn of yourself.



Mary Gates Hall 310
(The Data Lab)

"Dude, suckin’ at something is the first step to being sorta good at something." - Jake the Dog, Adventure Time