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Hi! I'm Yim! I'm a PhD student at the University of Washington iSchool, working with Amy Ko. I use they/them pronouns because I'm a nonbinary person, which might be new to you and that's okay. I'm interested in creative ways to develop Machine Learning literacy. I dream of a world where we can all advocate for ourselves and others in an AI-driven world by understanding how algorithms do what they do and where they might fail. I love to infuse joy and play into all things that I do, including a series of lessons for RStudio called Data Science for Software Engineering. I write about machine learning, autism, therapy, computing, teaching, and more on my Medium profile. May we all believe in a better world, and spark joy in each other to make that possible.


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"Marvin the Robot" interactive experiment game for relational reasoning paper. Human participants play a custom game where they must compose novel objects and discover patterns. This data is analyzed as part of the Foundations of Novel Reasoning project. We see that with extremely little context, participants can extract/infer structure.

A nonverbal programming language for rheesus macaques, inspired by the Cubetto programming toy.

Semantic verification is flexible and sensitive to context.

#CodeUnlimited -- if tech is everywhere, then it needs to be for everyone. My organization started in Rochester, NY to bring computing education to minority spaces.

Foundations of novel relational knowledge systems.

Eyetracking experiment to study surprisal effects in kids with autism.

Eyetracking experiment for infants, studying the Goldilocks Effect.

Computational Thinking & Mental Simulation in Kids: A presentation on how developmental maturity affects children's ability to infer structure about patterns and predict correct outcomes of small programs.

Mock Grant for Honeybee Self-Awareness Research

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A Little Bit on Why I Love to Code

Infographic About Yours Truly

A Friendly Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

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I have a passion for making difficult concepts more accessible. Especially in a world where Artificial Intelligence seems scary and elusive, I hope to explain the key concepts in a friendly and comprehensible way. I presented this talk at the Computing & Stories Summit in June!

Honeybees and Brains

One of my special interests is how honeybees behave similarly to neurons. Here is one of my YouTube videos explaining the similarities, and why it's awesome!

Check out Honeybee Democracy by Thomas Seeley to learn more!


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