WOOF3D's third in-house printer design. Designed by Mark Hanson.

During the summer of 2013 Mark began designing a printer of his own. After reviewing the designs of every 3DP printer he was familiar with he realized that - in general - the builders all seemed to be making roughly the same design decisions. Not wanting to be mistaken for a conformist, he committed himself to scrutinize every design decision and follow the beaten path only if it was the best choice. He strove to balance simplicity, performance, and cost.

He is quite proud of the final product. The milk crate frame and cantilevered gantry gave the printer great rigidity and portability relative to printers of similar bulk. Using an H-bot style gantry and bowden extruder made the machine capable of impressive move speeds. By careful sourcing of parts he was able to affordably include features like a heated bed, LCD controller, incorporated power supply, and precision linear motion components. Its distinctive appearance turns heads.

Club members who participated in the build were able to assemble the machine much more quickly than any previous club kit. They spent virtually no time on calibration which had been a major pitfall in previous builds. Without the typical frustration experienced by the countless builders of other printers, the Ulticraters began printing beautiful prints from the start. Overall the project was a great success and helped over a dozen club members learn about 3D printing through hands-on experience.