Kilo Print is the club's only current large format 3D printer. This printer was was built and designed by students in the club. It was originally designed to print with clay and test print in other materials. Kilo has a build space of .6mx.6mx1m and is currently set up to print with plastic filaments.


Kilo Print was recently enlisted to help the Rockets and Instrumentation Lab here on campus to print "Ctrl+P" a six foot tall rocket. The rocket was to be launched for the testing on the viability of the use of 3D printed parts in future models because of how quickly the parts can be manufactured compared to traditional manufacturing methods. The rocket was successfully launched in late April in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada and is currently having a post mortem ran on the rockets remains.

Past Projects

Kilo Print has been active in the year since it was built. In that time it has worked on three different projects; printing in clay, silicon, and currently the polymer filament used in the rocket printing project.

Clay Extrusion

KiloPrint was first designed to print in clay.

Silicon Extrusion

Clay extrusion was easily adapted to silicon extrusion using everyday caulking tubes you can pick up from your local hardware store.