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Reagan Middlebrook

Reagan Middlebrook started out in fashion design and creative writing before discovering computer science and falling completely in love. (There's a lot more crossover than you would think.) Now a Senior earning a B.S. in Computer Science and Systems, she loves coding and building cool things. She's also devoted to helping her fellow WiCS members become better educated and more successful computer scientists. Although she graduates in March, Reagan is looking forward to the next two quarters with WiCS and working with the other officers to bring new resources and opportunities to WiCS members, including guest speakers, skill workshops, and a group project, in addition to conference and hackathon attendance. Her life goals are to know everything there is to know and to someday save the world, possibly from an evil AI she's unwittingly unleashed.

Duy Huynh

My name is Duy (the 'D' is silent!). I'm a Junior pursuing a B.S. in Computer Science and Systems. I have a previous B.A. in Geography (2011) from UW Seattle, studying environmental issues and food poverty. I had a sudden change in aspirations and decided to follow my passion of being a software engineer. I hope to collaborate with our fellow sister clubs (IEEE, Grey Hat, UX) in reaching out to the community and encouraging students to pursue STEM careers! Personally, I would love to attend more hackathons as a group and host fun techy/nerdy related gatherings. In my spare time, I develop my own games, love playing board games, and teach Vovinam martial arts right here in Tacoma!

Tabi Stein

Tabi is a senior in the CSS program who made an abrupt decision to study Computer Science. A quarter away from receiving her associate's degree at TCC, she realized her goal of moving on to pursue a fine arts degree would mean a hard time starting a career! She wanted a challenging, growing, and important field: computer science fit the bill. Even though she was pretty computer unsavvy, and had only taken one semester of visual basic in high school, she convinced herself that her fascination with math and geekiness for foreign language could be translated toward computer science. Assuming everyone else in the CSS program had been writing code since birth she was super intimidated, but learned everyone came from different backgrounds and skill levels. After a year with Java and a few months with C, she has realized she totally loves programming and is very happy with her decision. As an officer of WiCS she looks forward to opportunities where she can encourage others as intimidated as she was to study computer science.

Tempest Parr

Hi. My name is Tempest. I am working toward earning a BS in Computer Science and Systems. Upon graduation I hope to remain in the greater Seattle area for work. I am currently in the process of forming a programming club at UWT which will host competitions for current programmers and provide help for anyone interested in learning programming. Outside of school I like to spend my time hiking, snowboarding, traveling, and taking pictures.

Putthida Samrith

Putthida Samrith is a transfer student from Highline College where she got her Associate degree of Science in Computer Science. She is now a senior in Computer Science minoring in math. Putthida is currently a STEPS mentor in which she mentors high school students who will be in CSS program, and who consider going to STEM field. She is also a math tutor at Tacoma public schools, and a global ambassador at UW Tacoma International Student Services. She is so passionate about technology, photography, and graphic design. Since she was young, her goal is to work in computer industry, hopefully to be a software developer and a multimedia programmer. She is still working hard to achieve her goals; just like a saying goes "A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work."