Dr. Allison Campbell – Recap and Write-Up

(This is being posted on behalf of James Gaynor, second year graduate student in Munira Khalil’s group.)

Speaker: Dr Allison Campbell – Acting Associate Laboratory Director for Earth and Biological Sciences at  PNNL, President-Elect of the American Chemical Society

Thursday, February 25th, 4:00 PM, Bagley Hall 154

“Let me tell you what I would have liked to have known when I was younger,” began Dr Allison Campbell during the opening of the second annual Women in Chemical Sciences Lecture delivered by Allison on Thursday, February 25th, at the University of Washington’s Bagley Hall. In her lecture, entitled “Advice to my Younger Self: Tips and Lessons for Driving Your Career in Science,” Allison toured the audience through her childhood in Lake Oswego, OR., and her upbringing as a chemist while illustrating her evolution into her current position as Acting Associate Laboratory Director for Earth and Biological Sciences at PNNL, as well as her new role as the President-Elect of the American Chemical Society.

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Meeting Recap 02/19

Upcoming Events:

Annual Lecture: On Thursday, 02/25, we will be having Dr. Allison Campbell here to give a lecture. There will be many opportunities to see and interact with her!
– Lunch Q&A 12:00-1:30 in CHB 439. Please submit your questions!
– Lecture 4:00-5:00 in BAG 154.
– Reception to follow. More details to come later.

Recruitment Weekends/Mentor Program
– If you would like a “WCS Member” button to wear at the recruitment events, please let us know!
– WCS is starting a mentorship program that we’re rolling out at recruitment weekends. We’d love your feedback on the survey.
– If you’re interested in being a mentor to an incoming first year student, please email me (montoni@uw.edu), Emily Rabe (rabee@uw.edu), or Katie Corp (corpk@uw.edu). We will be making a mentor survey soon.

– 03/12: Seattle Expanding Your Horizons
– 03/21: Lakeridge Science Night
– 04/01 – 04/02: Washington State Science Fair
– 05/14: Shoreline Science Night
Please email Rae Eaton (eatonrm@uw.edu) for more info or to volunteer!

– We’ve revised the constitution. New parts are in blue text, strikethroughs are being removed. Please read the revisions and vote to ratify in the next two weeks (so by 03/07).

Member meeting: Friday 2/19 at 9:30 am in CHB 339

There will be a WCS member meeting next Friday, February 19th at 9:30 am in CHB 339. Feel free to join us for all or part of the meeting! Everyone is welcome.

We have lots of topics to discuss, including:

  • The second annual WCS lecture, featuring Allison Campbell, which is on Thursday, February 25th at 4:00 pm in BAG 154
  • Preparing the Chemistry CSI and Mars rover workshops for the Seattle Expanding Your Horizons conference on Saturday, March 12th
  • Other upcoming outreach events at Lakeridge Elementary on Mercer Island, the Washington State Science and Engineering Fair, and the Shoreline STEM Festival
  • The peer mentoring program WCS is developing for first-year grad students
  • The Little Free Library, which now exists in Rab’s Room but could use more books and decorations
  • Making some amendments to the WCS constitution
  • Events for spring quarter???

Please let us know if you have any questions, and especially if you have any ideas for what kinds of events you’d like to see during spring quarter. Hope to see you there!

Second Annual WCS Lecture

We are excited to announce that the second annual WCS lecture will take place on Thursday, February 25th at 4:00 pm in Bagley 154. This year’s speaker is Dr. Allison Campbell, Acting Associate Laboratory Director for Earth and Biological Sciences at PNNL and president-elect of the American Chemical Society. Her talk is entitled “Don’t be a passenger:  Tips and advice for driving your career in science”; the abstract is below.

“A career in science can be both highly rewarding and highly challenging – often at the same time.  Challenges include external factors such as both real and perceived biases, work life balance, stereotypes, and hostile work environments, and internal factors such as imposter syndrome,  self-image, and self-confidence.  Rewards include scientific discoveries, new innovations, advancement of scientific knowledge, mentoring, collaborating, and participation in something bigger than yourself.  Navigating the challenges can be difficult and frustrating.  Here, I discuss my personal experiences, lessons learned the hard way, observations, and general philosophy based upon my 25 years in science.”

The WCS lecture series goes beyond chemistry at UW to highlight inspirational women in STEM and their accomplishments and experiences. You can read about the inaugural WCS lecture, featuring Harvey Mudd President and Microsoft board member Dr. Maria Klawe, on our blog here.

WCS members will also have the opportunity to attend an informal Q&A session with Dr. Campbell before her lecture. Stay tuned to the WCS mailing list for more details!


01/08 Member Meeting Recap

Hi all,

Here is the meeting recap from last Friday:

  • The Danz Lecture with Anita Sarkeesian will take place on January 21st in Bellevue. Sign up for the carpool here. Additionally, there will be a Q&A and a pre-lecture reception; contact Heidi (hdnelson@uw.edu) for more information/to sign up.
  • There will be a career talk featuring Arwyn Smalley from St. Martin’s University on February 2nd, and there will be donuts.
  • Echo Lake Science Night, a great outreach opportunity, will be February 11th. Rae will send out more info this weekend. Additionally, stay tuned for information about Seattle Expanding Your Horizons.
  • On February 25th we will host the second annual WCS lecture featuring Allison Campbell. Her lecture will be at 4 PM, and there will be various other opportunities to meet and chat with her.
  • We’re hoping to set up an optional mentoring program for incoming first-year graduate students. If you have any suggestions, ideas, or you want to help write surveys, contact Emily Rabe (rabee@uw.edu), Katie Corp (corpk@uw.edu), or Nick Montoni (me) (montoni@uw.edu).
  • Sometime in the nearish future, we’ll be holding a constitution revision/ratification meeting. Stay tuned!

For more reference, here’s a document of upcoming events and the WCS calendar.

Finally, here are some links to non-WCS events that sound really cool (I know I will be going to them, anyway):

If you have any questions, ideas, concerns, comments, or complaints, feel free to contact your favorite officer.

Thanks, and have a happy quarter!

Member meeting: Friday, Jan 8, 9:30-10:30

Women in Chemical Sciences will be kicking off winter quarter with a member meeting this Friday, January 8th at 9:30 am in CHB 239. We’ll talk about several of the events and projects we have planned for this quarter, including the Danz lecture and on-campus Q&A with Anita Sarkeesian (don’t forget to buy your ticket and sign up for our carpool), a career talk by Prof. Arwyn Smalley from St. Martin’s University, and the second annual WCS lecture featuring Allison Campbell from PNNL (who is also the ACS president-elect). We’ve also got some fun outreach events coming up, and lots of ideas for more events and projects.

Let us know if you’re interested in helping us plan any of these events, or if you have any other ideas or suggestions. Hope to see you Friday!