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By Sophocles
Directed by Rachel Perlot
October 22 - November 1

The daughter of a powerful war hero and a murdering queen, Electra can think of nothing but revenge for her father’s brutal murder. When her brother returns from exile, the siblings enter into the cycle of violence that has plagued their family for generations. Sophocles’ haunting tragedy of love and murder, as relevant today as it was 2,000 years ago in this fierce adaptation, explores what happens when we become obsessed with vengeance at all costs.

The New Works Festival

Written, directed, and performed by The Ensemble
November 14 & 15

The New Works Festival this year is moving to the mainstage, featuring the works of three UW playwrights: Max Kerwien, Caitlin Huennekens, and Emily Pratt. With all three plays performing back-to-back-to-back each night, this is one festival you don't want to miss out on. Each different piece brings something new to the table and highlights the unique styles of the writers, offering them a chance to workshop a world premiere piece in collaboration with other undergraduate directors, designers, and actors.

The Language Archive

By Julia Cho
Directed by Parker Kennedy
March 3 - 13

This is a story of love, loss, and the struggle between the two. George is a linguist morbidly obsessed with documenting dying languages. But his obsession gets in the way of keeping those closest to him from sharing their love with him. Even his assistant, who shares his interest in language, struggles to find the right means to communicate with him. Mix in the old couple that everyone knows but doesn't, happening of fate, and sprinkle it with various languages to help find out whether or not they can find the right words to keep the language of love alive.

The Secretaries

By The Five Lesbian Brothers
Directed by Alyssa Karounos
April 21 - May 1

Patty Johnson, a new secretary at Cooney Lumber Mill, is a little overqualified and a little concerned. What's up with this mandatory Slim Fast Diet? Where do these women get their lumberjack jackets? And what is happening to all of the attractive lumberjacks!? Discover with Patty the truth of femininity in this satirical comedy about gender norms, sexuality, and empowerment.


By William Shakespeare
Directed by Megan Brewer
May 26 - June 5

A father murdered. A murderer crowned. After being summoned home for his father's funeral - and his mother's marriage to the new king, Claudius - Prince Hamlet learns there may be foul play involved in the death of the previous king and feigns madness in an effort to delve into the deception shrouding Denmark's throne. However, his quest for truth calls into question two polar identities, leaving him forced to make a choice. Is he the noble prince who does what is best for his country, or the dutiful son who stops at nothing to exact revenge upon his father's killer? Stuck in the center of an expansive political web, Hamlet's decisions help determine not only his own path, but the path of Denmark itself as well.

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