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About UTS

The UTS Mission Statement

The Undergraduate Theater Society (UTS) is a student-run, not-for-profit theater company serving the wider undergraduate community at the University of Washington. As a company we strive to offer opportunities in theatrical performance, production, and education by providing human, financial, and technical resources. UTS is run by an executive board comprised of current undergraduate students and operates out of the Cabaret Theater in Hutchinson Hall. The company produces a five show season along with events such as The New Works Festival, Quarterly Workshop Series, UTS Night Out, and Theater Dangerously.

So What Does UTS do?

UTS seeks to makes the world of theatre accessible, empowering, and fun for all UW students (including majors and non-majors!). We want to make sure everyone has an opportunity to explore the many avenues of theatre production and performance; whether you're an actor, a director, a designer, or even just an audience member, we want to give UW undergrads a chance to get their feet wet in the exciting and dynamic world of theatre.

How do we do that, you ask?

Currently, UTS produces an annual season of regular shows for our mainstage season (check the current season tab to see what we're doing!), but that's just the tip of the theatre iceberg. We regularly host an assortment of workshops, social events, The New Works Festival, The UTS Night Out, and many more! Check out the FAQ tab to get more detailed info on what we're up to

Remember, everything UTS makes is done by UW students, for UW students!

What is the UTS board?

The UTS board is a team of UW students who collectively work to produce all of UTS' shows, events, and other artistic activities. Each person on the board helps shape UTS' direction for the year. In addition to a person's board duties, each board member also has a title linked to their additional work on the board - the Finance Director handles finances and budgeting, the Graphic Designer creates promo materials, and so on! Check the Executive Board tab to learn about what each board members does!

Executive Board

Lindsey Crocker - Executive Director


Lindsey is a junior majoring in Drama Performance. Previous credits include Hamlet (UTS), The Language Archive (UTS), The Picture of Dorian Gray (UTS) and Boy's Life (School of Drama). In the very few moments she is not in the theater, you can find her reading, drinking coffee, eating chocolate, hugging trees, and doing some occasional hiking. Lindsey is extremely excited for UTS’s 20th Anniversary Season, and encourages you to send her an email with any questions you may have about UTS and how to get involved. She would also love to hear feedback from you about how UTS can improve in the future.

Alyssa Karounos -
Creative Development Director


Alyssa is a Drama and Comparative History of Ideas major with a strong desire to learn Modern Greek. She is a writer, actor, performer, and comedian.

Brian Dang -
Asst. Creative Development Director


Brian is a Sophomore majoring in Drama and English. He is passionate about being involved with stories - and that's why he loves doing all things theater! Brian enjoys designing lights and sound for shows, acting, stage managing, and playwriting. Brian also frequently gets involved in local theater, including being involved with Parley Productions, a playwrights' group. On the side, Brian likes to read, write, watch movies, revel in hopeless romanticism, pet cats, and eat bread.

Hannah Probst - Social Chair


Hannah is a sophomore intending to major in Drama Performance. Hannah loves inclusive and creative things like student theater and promoting arts accessibility. She also loves planning parties and going to see plays with friends. Good thing she is the Social Chair, because that is what her job is! Hannah also likes politics, cats, poetry, candles, and Ikea. f

Jake Lemberg - Financial Director


Jake is a junior studying Drama Performance and Economics. He is passionate about the future of undergraduate theater at UW and is excited to continue serving the community. If you have any questions related to the financial aspects of UTS or Macroeconomic issues in the US he is the one to talk to. When he isn't making snarky facebook comments or thinking about cats, he is participating in Economic research at UW or working in the libraries.

Elizabeth (Emma) Halliday -
Graphic Designer


Emma is a Junior majoring in Drama Performance and International Studies and also a part of the Interdisciplinary Honors Society. Since escaping the Bay, she has participated in both UTS and School of Drama shows. She has also studied abroad twice: she studied art and memory in Peru and at the International Fringe Festival in Scotland this past summer! When not using the excuse of “Oh sorry I can’t, I have rehearsal”, Emma enjoys hanging out with her cat Sadie, dreaming about In-n-Out, drinking hot chocolate, and texting her mom-- er-- totally cute new friend. Please feel free to contact her with anything!

Gabrielle Boettner - Outreach Director


Gabrielle (Gabi) Boettner is UTS’s Assistant Outreach Director and a current Sophomore here at UW majoring in Drama Performance and Psychology with a minor in Gender, Women’s and Sexuality Studies. You may have seen Gabi on stage in UTS’s Yellow Face and On The Verge last year. Super excited about her new position on UTS, Gabi can’t wait to make theatre more accessible to all people. Gabi is also a year-old member of the School of Drama BA Council and a Holliday Family Drama Scholarship recipient. When she’s not heavily engrossed in all activities at Hutchinson Hall, you can probably find Gabi trying a new recipe to make tofu taste better or convincing someone else that astrology should be taken seriously.

Nina Williams-Teramachi - Production Manager


Nina Williams-Teramachi is a 3rd year double majoring in Drama and Dance. She is a proud Portlander and is active in the Portland theatre scene, with acting credits ranging from The Children's Hour to Cabaret. Nina is also an active actor and stage manager with the UW School of Drama and in the greater Seattle area with credits ranging from Seattle Immersive Theatre to stage managing at Seattle Repertory Theatre. She is a stage manager with over 30 productions under her belt. In her free time, Nina suspends reality because she doesn’t have any.

Michael Monicatti - Publicity Director


Michael is a junior majoring in Drama and Communications. He has a passion for indoor plants, study abroad, and HBO. His main focus is performance but he is also interested in creative writing and playwriting. At UW, he has acted in A Map of Virtue, Dog Sees God, and Cabaret (UTS) and The Cradle Will Rock (School of Drama). He would love to meet you! Yes, you. Now.

Miranda Bumstead - Asst. Publicity Director


Miranda is a freshman double majoring in drama and comparative literature, and is attempting to add a music minor. She has participated in theatre since the age of 4, when she played some creature under a neon scarf being serenaded by a strange lady with a lyre. Since then, she has expanded her theatrical interests to include acting, directing and writing, and singing with various theaters around Seattle and organizations on campus. When not disappointing her friends with the excuse “I can’t, I have rehearsal,” you can find her with her nose in a book, swing dancing, or baking way too many cupcakes. Feel free to contact her with any questions or concerns—theatrical or otherwise. Or if you just want a piece of her famous cheesecake!

Aaron Jin - Social Media Coordinator/Webmaster


Aaron Jin is a theatre maker who acts, dances, and does other things. He does social media for The Seagull Project and LOVES working with youth in theatre. Upcoming: directing The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged) [revised] with UTS and assistant directing Pippin at KIDSTAGE Issaquah. He loves Celine Dion and Brokeback Mountain. Feel free to reach out at anytime.

Katrin Hosseini - Asst. Social Media Coordinator/Webmaster


Katrin is a senior double majoring in Drama and Molecular, Cellular, Developmental Biology. She recently appeared in Iphigenia and Other Daughters (School of Drama). If she’s not busy doing theater, working in Stem Cell lab, or studying, she loves to spend her free time watching movie at a cinema, eating ice cream, phone calling old friends, and traveling. She loves to meet new people and hear their stories :)

Samantha Jones - Technical Director


Sam Jones is a sophomore intending on double majoring in Drama Design and Informatics. Lighting design is her passion, and she is incredibly excited about being technical director this year. When she's not working on homework or a show, she spends her time playing with her pet snake, trying to beat old video games. and never leaving her bed.

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Lindsey Crocker - Executive Director - executive@uwuts.org
Nina Williams-Teramachi - Production Manager - production@uwuts.org
Sam Jones - Technical Director - tech@uwuts.org

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  4. If you have any random questions or want to learn more about who we are, what we do, or how you can get involved, email our Outreach Directors at outreach@uwuts.org

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