We are a group of medical students at the University of Washington with a common goal: we hope to foster an environment where students can learn and engage in the field of pediatrics. By providing unique opportunities for students to explore the field, our colleagues can understand the care of children and feel encouraged to consider a career in pediatrics.

Our goal with this website is to provide a source of information on our events, career information related to pediatrics and its specialities, and accessible resources for clinical topics related to children’s health. For most medical schools, the first 2 years are focused on providing students a foundation of knowledge in the basic and clinical sciences. Often times, what we are taught in class pertains only to adults and courses will not focus on providing a pediatric perspective. And for some students, the first exposure to caring for children comes during the 3rd year pediatrics clerkship. This can be extremely challenging. Many feel lost. We hope to change that.