Fall Schedule
September 28th - December 9th

7:00 - 9:00 PM
Wednesday and Friday

9:00 - 9:30 PM
Wednesday only

Wednesday: IMA Gym B
Friday: IMA Studio 216
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Daily Kendo Warm Up

1. Wrist Shakes
• Arms to sides, hands below center of gravity, as if shaking water off hands, relax, breath normally.

2. Knee Lifts
• Lift knee straight to front toward shoulder, alternate sides, exhale.
• Lift heels up in back, kick butt with heels, keep knees down, inhale.

3. Spinal Flexion and Extension
• Tuck chin to chest, flex the whole spine forward (don’t lean forward), cross arms in front, spread shoulder blades apart, exhale.
• Look up at ceiling and down the wall in back of you (don’t lean back), spread arms to sides and back, press shoulder blades together, inhale.

in place with feet straight ahead, then forward and back, then side to side

4. Vertical Arm Swings
• Swing arms to front up over head (elbows straight but not stiff), palms front, knees and ankles extend, relax hands and wrists, inhale.
• Swing arms down and back behind (palms back), knees and ankles bend, exhale.

5. Knee Series
• Heels & toes together, hands on knees, bend knees forward/back, side/side, circle
• Keep heels on floor, carefully stretch Achilles when bending knees.
• Stretch hamstrings when straightening knees.
• Keep back straight (extended), don’t round (flex) spine.
• Spine more vertical when bending knees, more horizontal when straightening knees.
• Exhale as knees bend, inhale as knees straighten.

6. Spinal Rotation
• Feet straight ahead, shoulder’s width apart
• Rotate hips, shoulders and head left and right, look left and right as far as comfortably possible, don’t force the range of motion.
• Front arm slaps opposite shoulder, back of back hand hits opposite butt cheek.
• Inhale as you twist back, exhale as you return to the front.

in place with feet straight ahead, then both forward and back, then both side to side, count every other bounce.

7. Arm Circles
• Heels shoulder’s width apart, toes pointing 45? to outside.
• Arms to sides, make large circles in both directions, elbows straight, hands relaxed.
• Inhale and exhale on every other circle.

8. Squats
• Heels twice shoulder’s width apart, toes pointing 45? to outside.
• Bend knees to sides (not front), keep posture upright (don’t lean forward), extend lower back, exhale.
• Straighten knees, tighten thighs, abs and buttocks, straighten lower back, inhale.

9. Spinal Side Bend
• Feet straight ahead, shoulder’s width apart, hands on hips, fingers & thumbs point forward
• Lean shoulders to one side, push hips to the other, touch ear toward shoulder, exhale, inhale as you come up.

Leg stretches
• Starting by turning to the side
• calf
• achillies
• groin
• hamstring
• other side

Jougeburi x20
Men-uchi x30
Sayu-men x20
Haya-suburi 5 sets of 20

The Essential Points of the General Kendo Warm-ups
1. Full but comfortable range of motion.
2. Number of repetitions: 10 - 20
3. Timing: Do movements with a smooth, continuous motion, no pauses.
4. Relaxation: The more you relax during the exercises, the greater the benefits.
5. Breathing: Breathe very deeply in time with the movements.

Tips for remembering the order
Remember that the warm ups go in an order of:
• Upper body
• Lower body
• Back
With a set of bouncing in between every group of 3. The order of the warm ups are designed to get the blood moving from one region of your body to another, so if you forget the exact order you can always use another corresponding stretch.