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The University of Washington is a major center for Asian Studies and Asian American Studies. The art of Kendo, a highly charged transmission of key Asian cultural, social, and philosophical values in support of this curriculum, has had a long presence on this campus.

The first officially recorded appearance of Kendo at UW was over one hundred years ago at the biggest, for the time, athletic exhibition ever given in the Pacific Northwest. On March 17, 1905, two kenshi from Kyoto, Kawakami Sensei and Sugihara Sensei, thrilled the crowd of some 1,500 people at the UW gymnasium.

In early 1972, the Kendo Club at UW was formed. The five founding charter members were Jeffrey Marsten, Peter Mizuki, Luke Shindo, John Sullivan, and Denny Wong. Practices were held in a handball court in the Hec Ed Pavilion. From that time till now, Marsten Sensei has kept his commitment to the Club and still comes every Wednesday to teach.

An official Constitution was filed on January 5, 1973. Officers were listed as John Sullivan, captain (president) and Koichi Ito, co-captain (vice president). The faculty advisor was Hitoshi Mohri, MD, a pioneer in open-heart surgery of infants with the UW Medical Center.

The first UW Kendo Tournament was on Thursday, May 24, 1973. It had a round robin format, and the results were: 1st place - Koichi Ito, 2nd place - John Sullivan, 3rd place - Peter Mizuki, 4th place - Denny Wong, 5th place - Jeffrey Marsten, and 6th place - Luke Shindo. Since then the Tournament has been held annually except for 1988, 1990, and 2008.

Members of the Club played a major role in the 1974 founding of the Washington State Kendo Federation (since 1991 known as the Pacific Northwest Kendo Federation), and hosted the first WSKF Tournament on UW campus.

Thanks to the Club's standing as a UW Recreational Sports Club, in 1984 the Third United States Kendo Championships were held in the Hec Ed Addition Gym, dorms, and supporting facilities, with then-President of the WSKF, David S. Yotsuuye, in charge of all the arrangements.

The Kendo Club at UW has had a regional, national, and international impact on Kendo development and leadership far beyond the proportion mere numbers might suggest. Kendo Club at UW alumni have gone on to such world-class offices as President of the All-United States Kendo Federation and Director of the International Kendo Federation. Countless great kenshi from far and wide have come under Seattle and UW's enchantment, to return again and again.