Senior Practice Calendar

Senior practices are held every Sunday at (Dance Fremont) from 10:00am to 11:30am. Doors open at 9:45. Practices are open to all brown and black belts. The last Sunday of every month is a jiyu kumite practice that is open to ALL belt levels. The group will often go out for lunch afterwards at a nearby eatery. White belts are highly encouraged to attend!
Attendance at Sunday practices significantly influences kyu and dan test decisions.

To leading seniors: If you need to swap a weekend with someone else please notify the web master so that the calendar below can be updated.


$240 for black belts
$120 for brown belts or students (or $50 per quarter)

The payment can be made to Joel Blakely all at once, (preferred) or in quarterly installments.
Payments can be made at practice, or checks can be mailed to:
5024 42nd Ave S
Seattle, WA 98118

Please note that all black and brown belt SKA members in the Seattle area are strongly encouraged to pay these dues to help nurture our Seattle SKA community. If you have financial difficulties and cannot make these payments, you are still encouraged to come to practice. Lack of funds should not mean lack of practice. Please contact me to arrange for deferment.