15th Anniversary Celebration

May 25-26, 2002

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Please join us in May as we celebrate our 15th anniversary with a barbecue dinner and practices with Ron Thom, Norman Welch, Phil Morgan, past and present UW black belts, and club members.

The UW Dojo

For 15 years, members of the UW dojo have carried on the fine tradition of hard practice and camraderie that keeps the spirit of martial arts practice alive in modern generations. In that time, thousands of students have been introduced to Shotokan Karate. Whether they were members for a quarter or a decade, they learned something about themselves. Through practice, students directly experienced fear and courage, struggle and persistence, facing oneself, and fellowship on a journey. Lasting friendships and memories were created along the way. This May our club will celebrate the seniors who created our club's heritage, the instructors who keep it alive, and the students who are the future of our art.

In September of 1985, Ron Thom and Phil Morgan launched the first quarter of instruction for our club in the Hec Edmondson Pavilion Addition. In that first year, the club quickly grew from 3 to 20 members. By spring 1996, shodans Kerry Copeland and Tom Parsons developed the first sports skills class for beginning karate students. That spring also featured the first Goodwill Cup Exhibition at the IMA featuring matches, kata and demonstrations.

As always, the participation of Pacific Northwest SKA dojos and Canada West members were important to the event's success. In subsequent years UW members benefited a great deal from the spirit of exchange with members from Idaho, Oregon and British Columbia in special trainings, senior visits and regional tournaments. As president of Canada Shotokan Society, Norman Welch provided endless encouragement and knowledge to UW members. The connection with our national organization brought fine instructors such as Tom Parsons, Kerry Copeland, Tom Robinson, Maryann Helferty, Steve Roe, John Gosink, Gretchen Minton, Tara Picken, Joe Tanimura and Jason Chien. As the quarters passed, new students became leaders in the club and grew in their technical level. Eventually students graduated, taking the lessons of the dojo to their lives, families, and careers. Our banquet on Saturday night will be a chance for all to share their memories of our history and their hopes for the club's future. UW members hope you can join us for this special event.


Day Time Event Location
May 25 10:00am - noon Practice Meadowbrook Community Center (more info)
10517 35th Avenue NE, Seattle WA 98125
noon - 2:00pm Lunch On your own
2:30pm - 4:30pm Practice Meadowbrook Community Center (more info)
10517 35th Avenue NE, Seattle WA 98125
6:00pm - midnight Barbecue Waterfront Activities Center, UW (more info)
(Spouses, significant others and children welcome)
May 26 9:30am - 11:00am Practice Ravenna Eckstein Community Center (directions)
6535 Ravenna Avenue NE, Seattle WA 98115
11:30am Lunch As people's schedules permit


Early registration deadline: Post-marked by May 20, 2002; thereafter a late fee of $5 (US or CAN) may be added to the prices below.

Registration form: Please print, fill out and mail the registration form (click here) with a check preferably before May 20, 2002. Mailing address and other details are specified in the form.

We will also be accepting cash/checks at the time of the event. If you prefer to do this, please email us the details given in the registration form (except the check, of course) at jmchien@att.net in advance.


  • Practices on Sat and Sun, and dinner on Sat: US $30 or CAN $45.
  • Guests (dinner only): US $10 or CAN $15 for adults; $5 (US or CAN) for children.
  • Unranked white belts are invited to attend the practices for free. Dinner is still US $10 or CAN $15.

Please contact Jason Chien, jmchien@att.net, 206-284-6718 if you would like to stay with one of our dojo members over this weekend.

Some of the seniors will be staying at Best Western Hotel, 4507 Brooklyn Ave NE, Seattle, WA 98105, phone 206-634-2000. It is very close to the campus and the two community centers where practices will be held. Another good choice is The College Inn, 4000 University Way NE Seattle, WA 98105, phone 206-633-4441. There are also other conveniently located hotels in the University District. If you plan to stay in one of these, you should reserve at the earliest because it's a long weekend.


Meadowbrook Community Center
10517 35th Avenue NE, Seattle WA 98125
Driving from I-5 North or South: Take the WA-522 Exit, exit number 171, towards Bothell/Lake City Way. Keep left at the fork in the ramp. WA-522 E becomes Lake City Way NE. Take a right on 110th St NE. Turn right onto 35th Ave NE.

Ravenna Eckstein Community Center
6535 Ravenna Avenue NE, Seattle WA 98115
Driving from I-5 North: Take the Ravenna Blvd Exit to 65th St. The Center is located near the corner of NE 65th St and Ravenna Avenue NE. From I-5 South: Take the NE 65th St Exit and go left onto NE 70th St, then right onto Roosevelt Way NE. Turn left on NE 65th St, then left on Ravenna Ave NE.

Waterfront Activities Center, UW
South-east of the Husky Stadium at the UW, adjoining Lake Washington.

Contact Us

For more information:
Jason Chien: 206-284-6718 Maryann Helferty: 206-533-8442