Club Constitution

The Constitution of the Shotakan Karate Club at University of Washington as of 2013

Article I - Name
Section 1 The name of this organization shall be Shotokan Karate Club at the University of Washington.
Article II - Purpose
Section 1 It shall be the purpose of this organization to teach karate in accordance with the guidelines provided by the national non-profit organization Shotokan Karate of America. This organization shall be devoted to the teaching of rigorous and traditional karate with emphasis on using the art as a means of perfection of the individual. Consequently, a high level of non-commercialism shall distinguish the practice of karate with this group.
Article III - Affiliation
Section 1 This dojo (practice location and group) shall be affiliated with Shotokan Karate of America (SKA), a national non-profit organization. The primary purpose of the national organization is to teach karate solely as a martial art, not as a sport.
Section 2 This dojo may hold demonstrations, exchange practices, and tournaments in accordance with SKA guidelines and traditions.
Section 3 The instructors contracted by the club must be members of the Black Belt Council of SKA.
Article IV - Membership
Section 1 The majority of membership of this organization shall consist of regularly enrolled University of Washington students.
Section 2 University of Washington staff and faculty may have associate member status and are free to participate in all club activities. However, associate members shall not have voting privileges.
Section 3 All members, including associate members, shall pay $20 as club dues every quarter, except in the quarter they join SKA or renew their SKA membership.
Section 4 Individuals joining the club and staying with it for three or more months shall be required to become members of the national organization, SKA, with whom the club is affiliated, and to fulfill membership requirements of SKA.
Section 5 Dojos within SKA strive to maintain a feeling of fellowship and camaraderie among members that extends beyond practice. In keeping with this tradition, spouses of club members and alumni shall have honorary member status. As such they shall be welcome at club special events such as parties, demonstrations, and exchange practices where University of Washington facility use policies do not preclude their presence. These honorary members shall not have voting privileges.
Article V - Officers
Section 1 The organization shall have five elected officers as follows:

President - liaison with the University of Washington
Treasurer - responsible for club dues and annual budget
Publicity Coordinator - in charge of publicity events and flyers
Resource Manager - in charge of training equipment, and club library
Captain and Event Manager - together with the President, the liaison with SKA and other affiliated dojos
Visual Media Coordinator - in charge of taking and/or processing photographs/videos of the club at various practices/events for archival and publicity purposes
Webmaster - responsible for maintaining the club website
Section 2 The officers shall hold their posts for one academic year, from the beginning of the Autumn quarter of every year till the end of the Summer quarter of the following year.
Section 3 It shall be the responsibility of the President to conduct elections for the upcoming academic year during the second half of the summer quarter during which he/she is the President.