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About us

We are an undergraduate research group that works in many disciplines to solve problems with synthetic biology

General Meeting Notes

Slides from the info session

Email contacts


Project Developer: Jay Yung - jaycy@uw.edu
Lab Manager: Joanne Wong - jytw@uw.edu
Lab Scheduler: Grace Kim - graceskim7@gmail.com
Simulations Lead: Ed van Bruggen - edvb@uw.edu
Simulations Ambassador: Joshua Ip - joshuaip@uw.edu
Web Development Lead: William Kwok - wkwok16@uw.edu
Business Lead: Sairandri Sathyanarayanan - sairas@uw.edu
Public Education Lead: Ishira Parikh - ishira25@uw.edu
Public Education Lead: Simran Sidhu - simransidhu324@gmail.edu
Integrated Human Practices Lead: Goda Lajauskaite - godal@uw.edu
Design Lead: Clara Too - claratoo22@gmail.com
Collaborations Lead: Hannah Cheung - hfcheung@uw.edu

Operations Manager: Jerry Cao - jcao22@uw.edu
Director of Internal Affairs: Denise Beebout - dbeebout@uw.edu
Fundraising Manager: Chi Truong - truonc3@uw.edu
Treasurer: Quoc Tran - qt2309@uw.edu

Principle Investigators
Associate Professor of Bioengineering, Herbert Sauro
Assistant Professor of Biochemistry, Liangcai Gu

Yoshi Goto - yoshi876@uw.edu
Anastasia Nicolov - anastasia.nicolov@uw.edu
Karl Anderson - kba6@uw.edu
Angel Wong - angeltw@uw.edu

People intending to major and/or majoring in these programs have worked with us:

Bioengineering, Biology
Computer Science, Informatics
Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering
Biochemistry, Chemistry
Physics, Applied Mathematics

Wetlab Learning Resources

Recruitment for our team in the 2019 Season has ended, but email us at uwigem@uw.edu if you are still interested in joining.
To learn more about what we do, read our competition page