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  • The Undergraduate Women in Business Association (UWiB) is a non-profit  student organization at the University of Washington. It unites a dynamic team  of driven and business-oriented individuals seeking to provide new channels and  refined resources for women in their business education and development as  professionals.
  • By offering unique and instructive seminars, opportunities to interact with  influential female leaders in the business community, and access to tailored  resources, the Undergraduate Women in Business Association utilizes a multitude  of avenues to reach female students and help build confidence in their abilities  to succeed.
  • UWiB is always looking for new and innovative ways to gain larger membership  and raise money for our active organization. In order to do so, we need to  expand our financial resources and are kindly requesting your assistance in this  endeavor.



  • Since 2008, UWiB has awarded an annual scholarship to a deserving member to assist with her educational expenses and further enhance her leadership skills. This year, we are proud to award one member a $3,000 scholarship. Our goal is to one day fully fund a member's annual tuition. Please help us continue our efforts by donating a gift today.

To make donations, please follow these steps:

1) Search --> Undergraduate Women in Business Endowed Scholarship
2) Click "Add to my Gifts"
3) Click "Donation Amount"
4) Proceed with designated steps to complete donation!

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