2018: Ti’Swaq

In Pacific Northwest mythology, there is a tale of two hikers who wanted to venture past the snowline and summit Mt. Rainier, commonly referred to as Ti’Swaq by a local tribe, which had yet to be accomplished. While the locals warned them not to, they pushed past into the unknown in order to achieve their goal. The 2018 team entered the year with the summit in sight and persevered through unseen obstacles in order to proudly present Ti’Swaq!

Building Ti’Swaq on a female mold challenged this years team to come up with a post-tensioning system that was compatible with the mold.  The final canoe measured 241 inches in length and weighed in at 267 lbs.

The 2018 team took first at the Regional Competition hosted by Oregon Institute of Technology, advancing to Nationals at San Diego State University. Due to weather conditions, we were unable to race our canoe at Regionals, cutting that from the score.  At Nationals we finished 6th in both mens and women’s endurance, 6th in coed sprint, 6th in oral presentation, 9th in final product, and 4th in design paper, with an overall finish of 7th, placing higher than we have since 2000!