2016: Edgewater

The 2015-2016 concrete canoe was named Edgewater after the historic name of the neighborhood containing Gasworks Park. The boat features kite-like inlays contrasting a coal black exterior with a network of colorful pipes on the inside. The banning of concrete stain in the updated rules meant the team had to be creative with colored concrete inlays.

The team and canoe were also featured on UW’s homepage.

Edgewater is 20 feet 5 inches long and weighs in at 201 pounds. Edgewater is also the first UW concrete canoe to feature post-tensioning and was constructed using a male mold.

The team won the 2016 Pacific Northwest Regional Conference in Moscow, Idaho.

The National Competition was held at UT Tyler in Tyler, TX in June. The team placed 10th overall.