2014: The Lady

The Theme

Display, 2014

The Lady is based off of Washington State’s official Tall Ship, the Lady Washington. Built in Boston in 1787, the original sloop was part of the Columbia Expedition which established fur trade with the Native Americans of the Northwest and was the first American flagged ship to make landfall in the Pacific Northwest. She was also the first American ship to visit Honolulu, Hong Kong, and Japan. Unfortunately, she ran aground in 1797 in the Philippines.

In 1989, a modern replica of the ship was built in Aberdeen, Washington. She’s operated by the Gray’s Harbor Historical Seaport Authority and sails up and down the western seaboard of the United States as a learning tool and floating museum. She has also appeared in a number of shows and movies, most famously as the HMS Interceptor in Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl.

The Members

Regional Team, 2014

This year’s team was comprised of over 30 members of the University of Washington’s Civil and Environmental Engineering program as well as members of the Art Program and undeclared majors.

Co-Captains: Fabia Fu & Stuart Kretzschmar
Aesthetic Leads: Abbey Trautman & Kristina Low
Construction and Structures Lead: Nigel Lyons
Training Lead: Nick Orsi
Fundraising Lead: Chin Tang
Design Paper Lead: Laura Moser

Team Members:
Adolfo Garcia, Bryan Lee, Caroline Harrison, Chase Steigers, Christopher Rhodes, Cong Nguyen, Connor Lester, Daniel Ullon, Delin Huang, Hannah Long, Ian Dahl, Jakob Ward, James Neher, Jamie Shinsato, John Henderson, Josh Olson, Kelly Numumoto, Ki Han, Kim Tsai, Kyle Steen, Lyle Summers, Marissa Karpack, Mark Chen, Matt Hazenberg, Matt Pettit, Nam Tran, Ryan Zombor, Nick Miles, Rihana Master, Ryan Johnson, Sam Daugherty, Serena Gasper, Stephen Trent, Stetson Shearer, Steve Andrews, Will King.

The Team

National Team, 2014

The Competition team this year for regionals was made up of ten members of the team for regionals and nine members for nationals. We also brought along members of next year’s team to help as well as learn for about the competition for next year.

Presenters: Fabia Fu, Stuart Kretzschmar, Nigel Lyons
Paddlers: Fabia Fu, Josh Olson, Kim Tsai, Kristina Low, Laura Moser, Marissa Karpack, Mark Chen, Stuart Kretzschmar


The 2014 Regional Conference took place at Portland State University in downtown Portland. Our team placed first in the Presentation, Display, and Overall in the Races with a second place finish in the Design Paper.

Regionals Score, 2014


The University of Washington also took first place in the Technical Paper Competition with the topic of “Natural Disasters – What are the Civil Engineer’s Responsibilities?” Laura Moser’s paper and presentation called “Preventing Disasters: Civil Engineering and the Not So-Natural World” blew away the judges.

The University of Washington Steel Bridge Team had a strong presence as well, but were unable to break the top three places to reach the national competition.


The 2014 National Conference took place at the University of Pittsburgh in Johnstown Pennsylvania from June 18th to June 21st. Our team went in confident that we would compete well at the national level, and we believe we did just that. While we only placed 18th in the official overal rankings, we placed just outside of the top ten in tech paper, presentation, and the women’s and coed sprint.

Nationals Score, 2014


The concrete canoe team would not have succeeded this year if it wasn’t for the support of our great sponsors (listed in alphabetical order; not necessarily listed by the amount of support):

Bechtel, Boeing, CH2MHILL, GeoDesign Inc., Grace Construction Products, Graham, Huron Technologies Inc., Insulfoam, Janicki Industries, Kiewit, Olympian Precast Inc., Salmon Bay Sand & Gravel CO., Syntheon, TNT Machining, Turner, Watershed Science & Engineering, and WJE (Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates, Inc.).

We would also like to thank the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department for their help, both financial and advisory, and ASCE for the stipend given to all teams that perform at the national conference. Also, we would like to extend a thank you to the USEED team for guiding us and helping with our crowdfunding campaign that resulted in a significant influx of money for our Nationals trip.

Finally, we would like to thank all of our friends and family that helped by donating, being present when we needed additional hands, or giving us morale support. We couldn’t have done it without all of you!


PDF of Mix Design Class Paper
PDF of Design Paper for Competition
PowerPoint Presentation for Competition