2012: Hermes

The Theme

The University of Washington has secret gems hidden throughout a rich campus strewn with historic significance. Sylvan Grove is one such treasure; a secluded theatre which houses four elegant 24-foot hand-fluted cedar columns. These Greek columns have stood the test of time and are the last remnants of the original university building, erected in the time of the Civil War. They stand as a reminder of a mystical ancient Greek legacy that laid the foundation for western universities by establishing a pattern of science and logic. One of many gods that the Greeks believed in was Hermes, the god of speed who acted as a messenger to men. The Hermes boat was destined to take the competition away with god-like speed.

The Members

The team was comprised mostly of new students to the Concrete Canoe team, comprised of Civil Engineers and undeclared majors.

Co-Captains: Jonathan Whiting & Francesca White
Construction Lead: Jamie Delfiglio
Artistic Lead: Sotheary Ouk
Finite Element Analysis: Andrew Hanek
Paddling Lead: Titus Butcher
Fundraising Lead: Ri Han

Team Members:
Ryan Brunner, Patrick Parton, Blake Costa, Nate Dillow, Doug Johnson, Allison Petsche, Kyle Wilcox, Matias Rudback, Jamie Shinsato, Fabia Fu, Kyle Umlauf, Zach Schrempp, Kenna Foster, Kristina Low, Delin Huang, Mike Fyrqvist, Kunxuan Wang, Alex Lamb, Charlie Abrahamson, Haona Sereme, Josh Cihak, Phillip Bonnavong, Vlad Lefelman, Melissa Nipert

The Team

The Competition team this year for regionals was made up of ten members of the team for regionals.

Presentors: Jonathan Whiting, Francesca White, Andrew Hanek
Paddlers: Titus Butcher, Alex Lamb, Charlie Abrahamson, Kenna Foster, Kristina Low, Michael Fryqvist, Yi Gu, Francesca White, Jonathan Whiting


The University of Washington hosted the 2012 Regional Conference at Magnuson Park. Our team placed first in the Final Product and in the top three for Design Paper and Races for an overall 3rd place. The University of Washington Steel Bridge Team placed 8th overall.

Regionals Score, 2012


The concrete canoe team benefited greatly from the support of our great sponsors (listed in alphabetical order; not necessarily listed by the amount of support):

Boeing, Coughlin Porter Lundeen, General Plastics, LaFarge, Janicki Industries, PCL Construction, PND Engineering, WHPacific