A paddling club for UW

Cypress Island Overnight trip 7/25-7/26

Hey UKC! Come join us for an overnight sea kayak trip on July 25-26!
This is a SK III level trip. You must have some previous paddling experience to join. However if you don’t, their will be a SK II lake paddle to lake union 6pm next Wednesday before the trip (email to come soon). During the paddle you can gain experience and assess yourself for this weekends trip.
UKC Sea Kayak trip ratings:http://students.washington.edu/ukc/wordpress/sea-kayaking/sea-kayak-trip-ratings/The destination will be to a campground on Cypress Island — but this may change depending on participant experience and weather.
Potential itinerary: Leave from the WAC early on Saturday and paddle about 7 nautical miles to the campsite, spend the night in tents and paddle back the next day. If the weather is bad one of the days we will go on a day trip to chuckanut bay. Cost will be for gas, food and campground fees.You must have done a sea kayak self rescue session with UKC in the past year — we will hold a session next week before the trip if you have not done a SK self rescue or just need a refresher.  This will require you to get into the water (in Union Bay in front of the WAC) and do a wet exit and self rescue (we will guide you through it).  You must do this successfully in order to join the tripIf interested e-mail me at chi.jonathan (at) gmail.com with the following info (by Monday 12pm):

1. Your sea kayaking experience (where, longest distance paddled in a day, also whitewater or recreational kayaking experience is helpful to know, etc.)
2. Outdoor experience and/or athletic experience
3. If you know how to do a sea kayak self rescue (when and where you have practiced/done this)

       And if you have not please let me know if you are free Tuesday or Tuesday after 6pm.
4. If you have a car with a rack that can carry sea kayaks and are willing to drive.
5. Your ACA number (ask me if you are not a ACA member yet—this is required for insurance purposes)

6. If you have a tent or sleeping bag. If you don’t, do not worry since other club members may have extra.
Please let me know if you have any questions!