• What is the Undergraduate Business Council?

    You’ve heard that we’re a small club made up of executives, with no active members. So what do we do? Our purpose and passion is to unite all the Foster clubs under one brand – the Foster School of Business brand. It is every club’s responsibility to build that brand into a powerful name recognized throughout the nation, and as UBC we are here to help. We do host several events throughout the year, and you’ll notice that all of them are focused on making all Foster clubs, and therefore Foster itself, bigger and better.

  • What Do We Do?

    UBC hosts several large events throughout the year. In the fall we help host the Week of Welcome, where you’ll find lots of ways to connect with clubs (and also tons of free food!). During winter quarter we co-host the Foster Week of Service. This is a week-long event made up of many different activities – each club sponsors one event – all focused on community service. Spring is our busiest time, as that is when we host our two main events: Foster Business Week, a week-long series of events and activities all celebrating being a business student at Foster, and the Foster Spotlight Dinner, one special evening dedicating to celebrating student and staff achievement over the past year.

    From a day-to-day standpoint, UBC hosts the All-Club meetings once a month. These meetings serve as a space where club leaders gather to encourage more communication and collaboration among clubs. UBC also functions as a governing body that ensures all other clubs are providing members with valuable experiences, and adding value to the Foster brand.

  • Why Do We Do What We Do?

    UBC is dedicated to three things. First, we want to be a resource for Foster clubs and students, by facilitating connections between students, leaders, alumni, ASUW, Undergraduate Programs Office, and more! Second, we want to add flavor. Communicating the value of involvement is one of our top priorities, because it will add flavor to your life in the same way that you will add flavor to Foster! And finally, we want to make Foster fun. Organizing the annual Week of Service and Business Week are just two of the ways we hope to do that. Ultimately, we want you to love Foster as much as we do!

  • How Do I Apply to Be on UBC?

    We accept applications every Spring quarter for the following school year for each of the nine positions. If you are an undergraduate business student with strong leadership skills and are passionate about.

    Unfortunately, UBC doesn’t offer regular membership opportunities. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t be involved! We always need volunteers for our annual Week of Service and Business Week events. Email us at ubc@uw.edu to let us know you’re interested.