It has been, and will always be one of the most indispensable part in my life...

I started playing tennis when I was at age six. I was trained by a national coach and joined the school team from 1st grade to 3rd grade at the primary school. Moreover, I also played and learend badminton with my family.I was the team leader and coach of the badminton team of Department of Photonics at NCTU. Besides, volleyball is also one of my favorite sports. Because of my height, I was recruited to the volleyball school team as soon as I entered the college.

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Sports bring colorful life - Friendship

Playing sport not only keeps me healthy but it also makes my life better. I meet a lot of awesome people and some of them become really close to me. Friendship in sports is the most genuine. We train together, and fight for the same goal. We cheer each other up both on the sport court and during the hard time of our lives. I treasure every friendsihp built on sports and believe that this bonding will last.

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Sports bring colorful life - Leadership

I served as the leader and the coach of the department badminton team in my second year. During the year under my leadership, our badminton team won 2 champions of national tournaments. Besides, I also coordiated a badminton tournament involving 200 members and 18 teams. The tournament was highly praised by the participants as well as vice president of NCTU. The precious experience of leading a team makes me a better person.

The group photo of UST badminton tournament (involving 200 members and 18 teams).

We won the champion of a national badminton tournament in 2012!! The first champion of our team!

We won the champion of National EOcup (Electro-Optics) in 2014. First winning this huge event.

Watch me plyaing badminton!! Click the video below!! HAHA


I am interested in different cultures and languages, and I also like to share Asian and Taiwanese culture with other people. Before I entered the college, I volunteered to host an Canadaian student, Nicholas, who was coming Taiwan for Taiwan International Science Fair for a week. It was the first time I had a chance to keep company with a foreigner for such a long time. I showed him around and make every effort to let him see the best of Taiwan. After that, I also went to Vancover to visit him alone. I found joy to share my own culture with others and also learn different cultures in this experience.

The group photo of all the foreign participants of Taiwan International Science Fair.

I visited Nicholas a year after the fair. I enjoyed the trip in Summerland, British Columbia, Canada!

Language Exchanging and Culture Sharing Session

During the time at UIUC, I registered a class named "Creativity, Innovation, and Vision (CIV)", where I had many opportunities to know many different people. I grasped a chance to do language exchange with a Mexican American, Noe. I soon learned lots of local customs and interesting cultures of Noe's family. I also shared the political issue of Taiwan and special Chinese cultures with him. We also made a video to record what we learned.

Besides, I also introduced local Taiwanese Cultures to my table mates with a homemade Taiwan Map in CIV course. My table mates all gave me great feedback and enjoyed the "lecture" learning Asian cultures.

My homemade Taiwanese map with introduction of different parts of Taiwan. I also showed the Taiwanese famous brand which people may not know they are from Taiwan!

Group photo of all table mates after the different intersting lectures! I also gave my table mates a small Taiwan with their Chinese names.