Biology Study Sessions

Student Instructions: must do following 2 things to sign up!

1)  Find a tutor whose time works for you and who is marked as "available." Tutors list their preferred course(s) but can do all of 180, 200, and 220.

2)  Email the tutor minimum 24 hours in advance to inform them. You can also give a heads up on what you need help with (not required), discuss location, and so on. If for any reason you must cancel, email the tutor again as soon as possible.

Study Lounge: Drop-In Tutoring

Tribeta also runs a free intro bio tutoring service / study lounge located in the 4th floor lounge of Hitchcock, the building intro bio labs are in. Experienced students are present to answer your questions while you take advantage of free snacks and a comfortable environment. It's a great place to make a habit of working in.

The times are:
Monday -Thursday: 3:30-6:30PM

Questions? Feel free to email Kaylie Lungberg or Christopher Kaperak at



Tutor Instructions for Calendar:
1)  For two individual hours each week, list the following in the format shown (click on the day, edit, then hit “Save and Close”):
Name, Hour
Course Preference(s)
Preferred Location; Email

John, 1:30-2:30PM
Bio 180+200

2)  Do the above twice each week, one for each of your two hours (or more, if you want!). Note: hours may be consecutive but must be displayed separately.

3) Students must sign up for your slot minimum 24 hours in advance for you to be required to tutor. Once they do so, you must mark your slot as "taken" rather than "available." (Note: based on prior experience, we do not ask students to make any changes to the calendar.) If a student cancels in advance, please re-mark your slot as "available." If you have to cancel, then a) if a student has signed up, let both the student and myself know; b) either way, reschedule yourself more than 24 hours out, as possible.

4) Students may also discuss location with you, as well as give you a heads up on what they need help with. You are also welcome to ask them, though do not expect to prepare everything in advance: issues often come up “impromptu” during tutoring.

5)  You may list the courses you prefer to tutor, as shown, but you must tutor any of 180, 200, and 220 upon request.