What is Biology Club?

The Biology Club is sponsored by TriBeta and open to all UW students and staff interested in biology, with no fee, GPA, or biology class/credit requirement. The purpose of Biology Club is to reach out to the larger UW community and invite anyone interested to attend TriBeta meetings and events. When space is limited in certain TriBeta events, TriBeta members will be given preference, but remaining spaces will be open to Biolgy Club members.


What is TriBeta?

Beta Beta Beta (TriBeta) is a national honor society for students, especially undergraduates, dedicated to improving understanding and appreciation of biological study. The UW TriBeta chapter, “Omicron Eta,” is a platform for students to earn recognition for their efforts and accomplishments network with other students and UW Biology staff of the same interests. Many the members are pursuing futures in graduate schools, professional schools (medical, dental, veterinary, pharmacy, etc.) as well as careers in biology, zoology, genetics, biochemistry, and botany.

TriBeta was founded nationally in 1922 with the “Omicron Eta” chapter established at the University of Washington that spring. As an officially registered student organization (RSO), TriBeta chapter programs typically include guest speakers, reports of research by members and department faculty, field trips, community service, and social gatherings. An annual, formal induction ceremony is held every spring, but membership applications are accepted year-long. TriBeta is currently directed by 11 member officers and one faculty advisor, Dr. Linda Martin-Morris.

TriBeta membershipis available to students of all majors with an interest in the biological sciences who have successfully completed the Biology 101/102, or 180/200/220 series, or an arranged equivalent with a B (3.0) GPA in those classes. Since TriBeta is an honor society, participation and involvement is not only encouraged but also expected. We provided one of the greatest myriads of opportunity on campus and welcome you to join in and see how easy and rewarding it is to be part of TriBeta! Non-members are also welcome to attend our meetings and activities.