woodpeckers in your neighborhood

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trackingYou may see me in your neighborhood carrying an antenna. That’s the device I use to find and follow the woodpeckers. It receives a signal coming from a special transmitter I attached to the woodpecker using a harness like a backpack.

Actually, maybe you’ve seen a woodpecker with an antenna on its back. It’s a very flexible wire that doesn’t interfere with their normal life. Indeed, the transmitter is designed to be so light that it’s not harmful for the bird. Their safety is my priority!

Woodpecker with radio

They will carry this transmitter for a year (or less) and I will   capture the woodpeckers again to take the transmitters off and leave them alone.

When I locate these birds, I record their location and activity along with other attributes of the places they are using.

This will give me information about their ecology in urbanized areas which can be used in the design of these areas to help this
species to do better.

Pileated woodpecker carrying a 9 g. (3% of its body weight) radio transmitter used to locate him.