woodpeckers in your neighborhood

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I’m Jorge A. Tomasevic, PhD candidate in Wildlife Science in the School of Environmental and Forest Sciences at the University of Washington – Seattle and I would like to introduce you to "Woodpeckers in your neighborhood".

“Woodpeckers in your neighborhood” is a research project I’m conducting as part of my PhD dissertation. This is part of a long-term research project conducted by professor John Marzluff that looks at the responses of the songbird community to urbanization in the Seattle area. Check it out!

The general objective of this study is to understand how woodpeckers and other birds that nest in holes in trees respond to urban development.

The holes woodpeckers create have a number of benefits for other species (like birds, mammals, fungi, insects, etc.). This is why woodpeckers are so important. They help to maintain some ecosystems working as they should in their natural conditions.

Some developers have retained forests, keeping woodpeckers and other animals in mind. Identifying how much mature forest is needed to support stable populations of woodpeckers is one aspect of this study.