woodpeckers in your neighborhood

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Are you interested in getting involved in this project? There are many ways to do it. Let’s see..

Please allow me to traverse your yard.  Woodpeckers move great distances, and very fast! Sometimes the easiest way to follow them is going through private property.  I will always respect property boundaries and ask permission before entering private lands.  I appreciate your cooperation.

Maybe you have a woodpecker nest in your property. PLEASE LET ME KNOW! Finding nests is not easy and it is very important! Other birds like chickadees, swallows, starlings and others (see species) may nest in your nest boxes or in crevices in your house. I appreciate any information about these nests as well.

Maybe you want to volunteer for this project. Thank you. The more eyes are out there, the better! Please contact me so we can figure out a way you can get involved on this project.

If you have suet feeders in your property, maybe you want to collaborate with your own observations of woodpeckers using them. Also, your feeder may be suitable for trapping new birds for my study. Please contact me to figure out how you can help me. 

Would you like to help support this project? As you have seen above, there are many ways you can help me with this project, and funding is one more! The majority of my research costs are operational such as gas (I drive a lot tracking the birds, so this is by far the largest cost) and supplies for field work. If you would like to support my project (cash, gas gift cards, etc), please email me and I will get you in touch with an Advancement Officer at the School of Environmental and Forest Sciences. Any contribution is greatly appreciated!