woodpeckers in your neighborhood

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Maybe you have seen me in your street. I’m covering several areas as shown on the map below. 

See Complete area on a larger map

Now, you can scroll down to take a closer look to each area!

Lee Experimental Forest / Montare, Maltby WA

See Lee Forest / Montare on a larger map

Eastgate park, Bellevue WA

See Eastgate Park on a larger map

Union Hill, Redmond WA

See Union Hill on a larger map

Cougar Mountain Park, Bellevue WA

See Cougar Mt. Park on a larger map

Trilogy / Redmond Watershed Preserve, Redmond WA

See Trilogy / Redmond Watershed Preserve on a larger map

I will cover other areas that I will include in this page as this project develops. Make sure you stay tunned!

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