Husky Tennis Club

Ladder System and Results

Men's Ladder:

  1. Donnie Stallman
  2. Stephen Chang
  3. Justin Tran
  4. Michael Mungin
  5. Kent Van Alstyne
  6. Ray Hu
  7. Little Kim
  8. Carlo Gandasubrata
  9. Holden Au
  10. Brian Li
  11. Tom Griner
  12. John Gastil
  13. Ryan Johnson
  14. Big Kim
  15. Chris Lien
  16. Johnny Deng
  17. Drew Kidd
  18. Brandon Ige
  19. Lior Lipmann
  20. Kyle Odland
  21. Dustin Richmond
  22. Tim Truong
  23. Eui “oi” Jung
  24. Evan Hashimoto
  25. Jordan Nishimura

Women's Ladder:

  1. Melissa Nguyen
  2. Joelle Yamamoto
  3. Gina Topp
  4. Theresa Maloney
  5. Allison Petsche
  6. Kerry Spalding
  7. Tia Lee
  8. Paige Martin
  9. Kristen Petsche
  10. Cindy Espe
  11. Ashley Russell
  12. Kelsie Ovenell
  13. Angela Li
  14. Brittney Gjestrum
  15. Angie Wnek
  16. Caroline Tsoi

Official Rules of the Ladder System

NOTE: Until October 25, 2009 everyone (new and old members of HTC) has a one-time privilege to challenge anybody on the ladder, regardless of their rankings. For example, even if you are new to the club and do not have a ranking, you can challenge the best person in the club. If you win, you will get the spot. If you lose, the officers will determine your ranking as we see fit. Each existing players on the ladder can only be challenged up to 3 times.

All members must follow these rules if they wish to participate in the ladder system.

Rules for Challenging:

  • Each player has a week to challenge.
  • Each player can challenge other players ranked as high as three ranking above him/her.
  • Each player can only challenge once a week.
  • Challenges can be made starting from Monday, January 26, 2009.
• If you have any questions about these rules, please email the officers at tennis[at]