Short Term Goals:
Every year we must raise enough money in order to function and stay competitive with other clubs. As a club we will always strive to get our members special deals that they would not otherwise be able to get, and to make equipment readily available to them. The Husky Tennis Club is about giving an individual an opportunity to use the club to help improve themselves in tennis and as a person. Socializing, competing, playing, are all part of a well rounded college life.

Long Term Goals:
As a division one university, we do not currently have an adequate indoor tennis facility that will meet the needs of a large tennis club. Our goal is to eventually help raise enough awareness and monetary support in order to help construct an adequate facility for the use of all students on campus, not just a varsity team. Specifically 6-8 indoor tennis courts with enough storage and amenities, hoppers, carts, ball ma-chines, and all neccecary equipment for a structured practice for all.

Another Goal is to have more and more member participation. If you would like to help the club, the following positions are available. If you can help in other ways, please let us know! Just e-mail and let us know what you would like to do.

Associate Volunteers

Ball Coordinater TBA we need someone that is willing to be at every practice and can take care of the balls. Preferably someone that lives in McCarty Dorms, but anyone that is willing to be at EVERY practice, we would love your help!

USTA Coordinater TBA Everyday Mark Toppee or other USTA officialls need to hear from our club. Care to make contacts throughout the Northwest?

Marketing Coordinater TBA Help us pass out fliers, post them on dorm walls, create fliers, design stuff, etc

Historian TBA love taking pictures? Come document this exciting year of the new Husky Tennis Club!

Social Coordinator TBA Want to organize HTC parties/social events? Come talk to us, tell us your ideas, we can use you!

These are volunteer Positions for people to help us, after all, were all human. We want someone to manage our facebook group, fliers, take pictures at events, etc... and if you have a few extra hours a week, the tennis club can always use your help! Without our members we are nothing, but without members growing the club, we can never become better.

If you would like to donate to the club:
Cash and Checks may be made pyable to:
Husky Tennis Club
Mailed to:
Husky Tennis Club
UW Box 354090
Seattle, WA 98195

Please send Tennis Gear, balls, etc to:
Cory Taylor
Husky Tennis Club
1819 NE 47th St.
Seattle, WA 98105