AMATH 351 Summer 2013
Introduction to Differential Equations and Applications

The FINAL EXAM will be on August, 23, in class.

SLN 10060
CMU 120 MWF 1:10-2:10pm

Instructor: Susie Sargsyan


Office Hours: M 12-1pm W 2:20-3:50pm Lewis 128

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I will mostly follow Bernard Deconinck's notes , however Nathan Kutz's notes also will be used.
Another good reference is Elementary Differential Equations and Boundary Value Problems by W.E. Boyce & R.C. DiPrima.

1. First Order Differential Equations
2. Second Order Differential Equations
3. Systems of Linear Differential Equations
4. Series Solutions and Second Order Equations
5. Laplace Transform
6. Nonlinear Systems of Equations

Homework Policy
Each homework is due the following Friday in class. The solutions will be posted the same day. Not all the problems will be graded, but it will not be announced which ones, so you are expected to solve all the problems of the assignments. Collaboration with fellow students is encouraged, however each student should write their own solution. Your homework should be neat and readable. The presentation of your homework set may reflect your score. Homework sets you hand in MUST have your name and homework number as a title.

Homework: 50%
Midterm Exam: 20% (July, 24)
Final Exam: 30% (August, 23)

Assignments Due Solutions
Assignment1 06/28/2013 Solution1
Assignment2 07/05/2013 Solution2
Assignment3 07/12/2013 Solution3
Assignment4 07/19/2013 Solution4
Informal_hw Solution
Assignment5 08/02/2013 Solution5
Assignment6 08/12/2013 Solution6
Assignment7 08/19/2013 Solutions7