What We Are About

Husky Snow Club is a non-competative winter sports club with an emphasis on community and inclusivity. We are dedicated to making snow sports accessible to both UW students and those in the surrounding community by offering a rideshare to Seattle's most popular mountains. In accordance with these ideals, we encourage skiiers and snowboarders of all abilities to join.

Beyond our weekly trips up to the slopes, we also engage in frequent BBQs, movie premieres and other social gatherings. Plus, we have an annual trip up to Whister for college weekend and Silverstar to take advantage of our member mountain passes!



How It Works

It's simple, you take up three other members and we'll compensate the gas. Just post that you're headed up on our members-only page, and bring us the reciept afterwards. This ensures everyone gets to ride!
Just look at the dedicated rideshare page to find a driver who is going up to the mountain. There are always people headed up on the weekend!
It's a Win-Win



Why You Should Join

* Discounts on Season Passes
* Awesome Social Events
* Canadian Expeditions
* Discounts on Local Shops
* Custom Swag



Our biggest trip of the year!

January 14th-16th
* 3 nights at Whistler Peak Lodge
* VIP club bands and pre-game materials
* Guaranteed a bed (no sleeping on floors!)
* Team Dinner and breakfast food
* Price w/o lift tickets: $250



Sponsors are what make our club possible!

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